Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 White Papers

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThis is a reposting of an article I originally wrote on my Developing for Dynamics GP blog.

Mariano Gomez highlighted the new download available with the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Architecture White Paper.  This updates the previous version of the document from May 2007.

Here are the details from the download page:

This document explains how the architecture’s features make Microsoft Dynamics GP an excellent solution for organizations that are implementing a business management system today, and how the system will grow with you tomorrow. The product architecture is a key element that makes Microsoft Dynamics GP an outstanding solution for an organization today and into the future. This document discusses the following topics:

  • The structure of the Microsoft Dynamics GP application, which is composed of the Dexterity runtime engine, the Dynamics application dictionary, and the Microsoft SQL Server database
  • How Microsoft Dynamics GP efficiently uses system resources for both client workstations and servers
  • The customization tools that are built into the software and are accessible to all users, and the tools that system administrators can use to customize Microsoft Dynamics GP, such as Modifier, Report Writer, and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • The tools that are available for importing and exporting Microsoft Dynamics GP data, such as eConnect, Web Services, and Integration Manager
  • The features that provide platform enhancements, such as flexible account numbers, lists, data-driven scrolling windows, security, international support, macro capabilities, named printers, the mail API, and error reporting
  • The reporting and analytics tools that are available for Microsoft Dynamics GP, including Report Writer, SmartList, Management Reporter, SQL Reporting Services, and Excel Reports
  • How the workflow capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics GP control the flow of documents through the accounting system
  • The architecture and features of Business Portal, which you can use as your company intranet or as an extension to it to provide Web-based access to Microsoft Dynamics GP data
  • The additional industry- or market-specific capabilities that are included with Microsoft Dynamics GP, such as multidictionary architecture, the trigger system, and available development options

Please use the link below to access the page and download the document as PDF or XPS format:

 Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 White Paper: Microsoft Dynamics GP Architecture

While you are looking at white papers, have a look at the following downloads

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 White Paper: Choosing a Development Tool

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 White Paper: Using a .NET Assembly from a Dexterity-based Application

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 White Paper: Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 White Paper: Recording Test Cases with the Macro System



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