Login Performance Issue for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 SP5 and GP 2010 SP1

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThis is a reposting of an article I originally wrote on my Developing for Dynamics GP blog.

It has been brought to my notice that we have another issue with a dictionary adding records to the syMenuMstr (SY07110) table each time a user logs into Microsoft Dynamics GP.  This issue is caused by the new Dynamics Online Services dictionary which was installed as part of Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Pack 5 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Service Pack 1.  This is similar to the Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Pack 5 Login Performance issue found previously.

I started researching this issue after reading Vaidy Mohan’s blog post, Online Services for Dynamics GP – Triggers GP “Add Command” Hanging Indefinitely. The fact that he mentions that thousands of records in the SY07110 table were related to a single dictionary, made me test to see if the number of records was increasing each login.

Using the query below, I checked the number of records.  I then logged in to Microsoft Dynamics GP, and checked the number of records again.  It had increased by one.  This means that the code is incorrectly adding a single menu record, even if it already exists in the table. The query is:

select COUNT(*) from DYNAMICS.dbo.SY07110 where CmdDictID = 6499

Over time, the number of records in SY07110 table will become very large.  The syMenuMstr table is used during login by the process which hides the menu entries that a user does not have security access to. The table is also used to create the menu tree when adding menu commands to toolbars or shortcuts.  Performance during login and when selecting menu commands can be affected by this issue.

The issue has been logged with Development as Collaboration Request 8297 and Problem Report 60427.  If this issue is effecting you, please log a support case to get your details registered against the problem report.

To resolve the issue for now it is recommended to create a daily SQL Server Job with the following code to remove the menu entry records.  The valid menu entry will be recreated on the next login.

delete from DYNAMICS.dbo.SY07110 where CmdDictID = 6499

We are working to get this fixed as soon as possible in an upcoming compliance release or service pack.


10-Mar-2010: Changed SQL Queries to use CmdDictID rather than CmdParentDictID.  This then looks at the menu entry’s dictionary rather than where it is attaching to in the structure.

This article was originally posted on the Developing for Dynamics GP Blog and has been reposted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

9 thoughts on “Login Performance Issue for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 SP5 and GP 2010 SP1

  1. Hi David,
    Is Hot fix 14 Release 10.00.1563 solving this issue?
    CR ID PR ID Description
    —– —– ———–
    8085 59771 BUG PRODID 3180: Similar to CR 7845, After 10.0 Sp5 is installed AA is adding 4 records to the SY07110 for every login into GP for every user as well as switching users.
    However, i did installed this CNK file into 1 of the client GP. But, it doesn't look solve the issue. We still facing same issue.
    Now, i wonder this hotfix really solve above issue?


  2. Hi Richard
    Analytical Accounting v10.0 Hotfix 14 fixed the 4 menu entries being added by AA after installing v10.0 SP5.
    NOTE: Installing the chunk will stop new menu items from being added, but you still need to run the SQL command to clean up. See the other post:
    This issue is similar but is not caused by the AA dictionary.
    This is caused by the Dynamics Online Services dictionary adding 1 menu entry each login.
    As this has only just been discovered and logged with Development, we are still waiting for fixes for v10.0 and GP 2010.


  3. Table DYNAMICS.dbo.SY07110 grows by 1 row every time I login.  The CmdParentDictID being added is 0.   I have GP2010 SP1 (11.00.1528.000).   Should I remove all lines where CmdParentDictID=0 on a daily basis?


  4. Hi Kim
    Your comment made me check my query.  Look at the CmdDictID rather than the CmdParentDictID to identify the product and use CmdDictID in your delete statement.
    I have updated both related posts.


  5. Could you tell me if this issue with the Dynamics Online Services adding a record to the DYNAMICS.dbo.SY07110 table has been resolved in GP 10?  I am current with my patches, just waiting for the 2011 Year End Canadian Payroll updates to be released.  We are implementing GP2010 this winter, therefore I need to know if it's an issue still with GP2010 (patched to 2011 Year end Canadian Payroll updates).  
    Also, is the same issue fixed with the AA records being added to this table?  We currently run a delete against the table to deal with the AA records.  
    I will either add a SQL Agent Job to remove the Dynamics Online Services dictionary records from the table OR I will have the DBA's  run the Delete statement the one time against the table if the issue is resolved.
    Thank you. . .


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