Support Debugging Tool Build 17 hotfix 2 released

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThis is a reposting of an article I originally wrote on my Developing for Dynamics GP blog.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Support Debugging Tool is now GP Power Tools from Winthrop Development Consultants (

Following on from the release of the Support Debugging Tool Build 17 hotfix, I am releasing a hotfix 2 build.

It turns out that some of the changes in the way the Support Debugging Tool adds buttons to the Standard Toolbar were still not perfect. We had a few reports that when the SDT dictionary was installed, newly created users would be missing their menus. The solution was to remove the SDT from the system and recreate the user, or to use SQL to drop the contents of the menu and toolbar tables, which will force them to be recreated.

This hotfix changes the method that the buttons are added, which means that they will not keep coming back if a user removes them from their toolbar, and as a happy side effect also fixed the issue above. It also includes the minor changes and fixes made since the last build was released.

If you have a previous build (including any build 17 release) installed, please just install this update over the top of the existing code, no need to uninstall first.

Below is a summary of the changes made for releases 10.00.0017, 11.00.0017 and 12.00.0017, dated as Last Modified: 09-Apr-2013:


  • Fixed Support Debugging Tool and ScreenShot Toolbar icons cannot be removed.
  • Fixed Support Debugging Tool and ScreenShot Quick Links cannot be removed.
  • Fixed issue where newly created users were missing menus and/or toolbars.
  • Fixed Composite Field Data not displaying for 3rd party Composite fields in Resource Explorer windows.
  • Fixed SQL Profile Traces from multiple instances of Dynamics GP on the same SQL Server showing up as Stranded Traces.
  • Fixed error message when searching for tables with spaces in their technical name on Resource Information window.


  • Updated Security Information Window to allow access to be controlled independently of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Security windows.
  • Added Database Type field for Tables to Resource Information window. This allows easy identification of ctree vs SQL based temporary tables.

More Information

For more information, please see the GP Power Tools portal, which replaced the Support Debugging Tool Portal.

Please post your feedback on what you think of this build and what you would like to see in the future.

Thanks to Robert Cavill for his assistance with this build, especially testing the toolbar and Quick Links behaviour. Thanks also to Kelly Youells for getting the files on PartnerSource updated.


16-May-2013: Updated More Information and Downloads to link to Support Debugging Tool Portal page.

This article was originally posted on the Developing for Dynamics GP Blog and has been reposted on

7 thoughts on “Support Debugging Tool Build 17 hotfix 2 released

  1. Hi David,
    Thanks for this fix… I was pulling my hair this week while I have been adding a couple of new users for a training session in the Fabrikam company… For some of the users (not all) the user menu was not showing up (completly empty) and I tried to fix it by deleting the entries for that users in the User Menu table, but with no luck… I was partially able to restore some of the menus by using the "Reset Toolbar" button in the Toolbar customization, but the main menu option was still missing.
    I'd not have tought about the SDT to be the culprit for this problem… :-). I'll have to look after our MBS partner to get that latest fix ASAP.
    Have a great time,


  2. Hi David,
    I installed your latest build that I just got from my Partner, (dated April 9th) and I still experience the same issues. New users don't have toolbar options. I have NOT poked around to see if there are other steps I need to implement to make this work. But I am looking.
    FYI… this tool is indispensible in our environment. I do not have the option of removing it 🙂


  3. Hi PJ
    You could test by disabling the SDT via Tools – Customize – Customization Status before creating a user.
    if this does not fix the problem then the SDT is not the cause.
    Some other 3rd party products have also been guilty of causing the same problem.
    If you drop the contents of the toolbar tables, it will force them to be rebuilt.
    Not that this hot fix will not fix users already created who are missing toolbars, it should just stop the SDT causing future problems.
    Let me know how you go.


  4. Hi David,
    I've installed the HF2 from build 17 on my test bed system and played around a bit with it after I had added new users in GP to my prod server and got not menus at all….
    On my test bed system the same behavior occurs before HF2, then once it's applied the menus are still not showing up. What I did then was remove the security role MBS_DEBUGGERS_USER from the user's profile in GP and restarted the client. Without the security role, the menus displayed, but somehow they were incomplete (main menu was missing)… So I wiped out the entries for the new user in the tables SY07121 / SY07125, loggued the user back into GP and voilà the menus were showing up.
    I re-added the security role for the SDT to the user's profile and everything was looking fine… My only option so far without the HF 2 was to copy over the content from another user that was working from those 2 tables… quite a pain :-).
    Keep up with the good work.


  5. Dave,  How do we completely remove the debugging tool..  We tried to remove the Support Debugging Tool but ran into issues with add-ins/DLL files still loading.
    More than one of our clients are having menu problems when creating new users after the GP2013 upgrade.  We are the latest build of the debugging tool.
    Thanks, for any help you can provide.  


  6. Hi Ray
    You can use the Un-install button on the About Support Debugging Tool window to remove the tool. This will remove the security and menu entries used by the tool and then update the Dynamics.set file.
    If you have already remove it from the Dynamics.set file, then those records will be left behind, but will cause no issues.
    The SDT is only a Dexterity chunk, it has no dlls or addins. If you are having trouble with those, it will not be SDT related.
    As for the menu issue, please let me know if uninstalling the SDT helps. I asked because I am unable to replicate the problem and have reviewed the current code a number of times.  Usually the problem is because the site is not using the Build 17 hotfix 2 version or later.


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