Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 2 fixes Named Printers and Page Orientation settings not being honoured

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThis is a reposting of an article I originally wrote on my Developing for Dynamics GP blog.

As mentioned in my post, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, Printer Selection, Named Printers, Page Orientation and the System Print Dialog, there was an issue where the feature to allow the printer destination to be changed after the report had been printed to screen did not honour printer setting changes made by Named Printers or the page orientation setting from report writer.

This issue was logged as Problem Report 68382: GP 2013 System Print Dialog ignores printer Destination provided on Run Report command (as used by Named Printers).

I am happy to announce that this bug has been fixed in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 2.

So now you can have printer selection cake and eat it too.


12-Nov-2013: While Service Pack 2 does fix some issues, there are still some other related issues with settings not being honoured. This is Problem Report 72319 and is scheduled to be fixed in GP 2013 R2 (SP3)

This article was originally posted on the Developing for Dynamics GP Blog and has been reposted on

16 thoughts on “Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 2 fixes Named Printers and Page Orientation settings not being honoured

  1. Hi David
    Can you tell me if we will be able when using Named Printer to select a specific printer drawer and the number of copies.


  2. Hi Robert
    Named Printers has always allowed for the selection of the printer AND its settings.
    The selection of tray has always worked. Number of copies has been patchy and depends on the driver.
    I have had issues with number of copies being ignored with my printer.. Even from Office products.
    Some printer and driver combinations work, others don't.


  3. Hi David,
    I have another problem with printer selection. It is not honouring my printer setup and paper setup. Again on the printer selection window, preferences, I have to set the paper size….any solution?


  4. Hi David
    Thanks for thre answer butI am getting a different answer from Microsoft support. They are telling me the following:
    Subject: RE: [REG:113070910573828] Selection of a printer when printing
    It appears that the following is fixed with GP 2013 SP 2:
    When we print a report in GP, when the printer selection window will be displayed, does the printer assigned by Named Printer will be selected by default or is it the window default printer that will be assigned by default.
    However, it does not appear that this has been fixed:
    When defining a printer with Named Printer it is possible to assign a printer drawer and also the number of copies we want to be print.
    Thank you!
    Sarah Purdy
    Technical Support
    Microsoft Dynamics
    My client is having this problem since he upgrade from GP 10 directly to GP 2013. He is still using the same printers. When you say it depend of the printer and driver combination I did some test myself and I also have the same problem at my office. Can you give me some printers and driver combination that will do the job.
    This is a big issue for my client in its daily operations.


  5. Hi Robert
    It appears that there might still be some issues and that this problem is not totally resolved.
    In the meantime, your customer can resolve the issue by restoring the same behaviour as GP 10. All they need to do is disable the System Print dialog using the instructions on my other blog post.…/microsoft-dynamics-gp-2013-printer-selection-named-printers-page-orientation-and-the-system-print-dialog.aspx
    Yes, they will lose the new functionality, but at least Named Printers will work as before.


  6. Using GP 2013  SP 2, when we disable the "System Print Dialog"  window, it still have the problem that we cannot assign a number of copies to a printer assign to Named Printer like we were able to do in previous GP version.


  7. Actually this is  creating a lot of problem.Every time when you are giving a print this system printer dialog is popping up and even though you have changed paper size in print setup window , it will take the default paper size from the printer. for eg: in my case we are using userdefined papersize for invoice printing, but the default paper size is letter. In the printer preferences windows again i have to go and change it to userdefined  from letter everytime.
    hope we will get a fix soon. Thank you dave for temporary solution


  8. Hi David, this is somewhat related to this topic. I'm wondering: Is Named Printers supported in the Web Client? When I try to print with a named printer in the web client, I seem to get the Printer Dialog pop up every time, even if I disabled that in the Dex.ini file with NoPrintDialogs=TRUE. Furthermore, the Named Printers option seems to be missing under Administration > Setup > System in the Web Client vs the standard GP Client. I searched the manuals, Customer Source, and your blog but I can't find anything about Named Printer support in the Web Client. I can only assume that it is not supported in the web client.


  9. Hi Joe
    Named Printers works by changing the application default printer and the printer for a report when it is printed for the current Dexterity runtime session.
    This is why Named Printers does not work for Word Templates (as this is a separate application), and why it does not work for the Web Client (as the printing is performed on a different machine from where the Dexterity runtime session is running).
    The NoPrintDialog option probably does not affect the web client as it is a setting for the Desktop client.
    Using the Support Debugging Tool's (Build 18) Security Information window, it specifically says that the Setup Named Printers window is not available in the web client.


  10. Hi David,
    This might be related to my previous question about named printers. I have a form that exports a document to a PDF, using Adobe Acrobat. It works perfectly in the GP client but on the web client I get the error "Adobe PDF Writer is not available for printing". Is exporting to PDF using Adobe Acrobat supported in the web client?


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