#reIMAGINE2014 – Getting There

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Today’s blog post comes to you from Fargo, North Dakota, USA.

At 8pm (GMT+8) on Thursday night, I started my long journey from Perth, Western Australia to Fargo. This time around I was trying a different approach to making this trip; instead of starting by flying with Qantas to Sydney and then across the Pacific Ocean, I am flying with Qatar Airways directly from Perth via Doha, Qatar.

The advantage for me is that the journey has three flights rather than the usual four flights, but also was significantly more cost effective.


The trip started with an 11.5 hour flight from Perth to Doha on a Boeing 777. The flight was uneventful and was spent alternating between eating, sleeping and watching movies.


I had a couple of hours transit time in Doha’s new Hamad International Airport (HIA). The airport has a number of art installations including the Lamp Bear centre piece.

The first hour of my time in Doha was spent online getting my mobile phone’s global roaming service enabled. After leaving Microsoft I had transferred my phone from the Microsoft plan to a personal plan and had forgotten to re-enable global roaming.  Eventually, I had a chat session with a very helpful customer service rep, Melodie, who was able to get it sorted while I waited.

The next flight was a 14.5 hour long haul to Chicago O’Hare airport on another Boeing 777. So I had more time to watch some additional movies. Over the two long haul flights I ended up watching eight movies. Of those, the ones I really enjoyed were Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Edge of Tomorrow and Bad Neighbours.

The final flight from Chicago to Fargo was delayed an hour or so. It was a relatively short 1.5 hour flight in a Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ). I had a window seat and was hoping to get a nice view of Fargo as we came in to land, but it was already dark. You can still see how flat the land is.

Fargo at night

Once in Fargo’s Hector International airport, you can really tell you are in the Midwest. While walking around Doha’s airport, they have a number of luxury sports cars on display (Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc.). However, in Fargo, we have an all terrain snow transport.


After a short Taxi ride, I arrived at the Holiday Inn with its Pirate’s Cove swimming pool and spa area. Hope you remembered to bring your bathing costumes….


It was now about 7pm (GMT-6), so after a record 37 hours in transit (door to door) the journey was finally complete.


As usual, I have brought a stash of goodies from Australia. I have Tim Tams (original and a few other varieties), Chicos and Vegemite.

After a good night’s sleep, I chilled out and did some shopping on Saturday and wrote this article.

Looking forward to see all my friends. There are a few of the Dynamics GP community here already, but most will be arriving on Sunday.


This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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