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I am sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to writing the #reIMAGINE2014 series of posts.  As you will see it has been a very busy time for me and writing the blog articles fell to the bottom of the heap.

After my long 37 hours in transit to get to Fargo, I had settled into my room at the Holiday Inn. The room was on the second floor and was one row back from the pool area. This was good as it meant I avoided the noise from the pool as well as the chlorine fumes (other than the base level of chlorine fumes for the whole building).

WARNING: Science Stuff

A quick aside as a pool owner: I would like to point out that a chlorine smell in a swimming pool isn’t due to an excess of chlorine but rather to an excess of chloramines. And chloramines in a swimming pool typically mean that there’s not enough useful chlorine available. Chloramines in a swimming pool are the by product of an insufficient chlorine disinfection process. When there’s not enough working chlorine in a pool, what there is of it binds with ammonia and nitrogen-containing compounds, producing chloramines. Those ammonia or nitrogen-containing compounds are found in human sweat and even urine, all of which frequently end up in a pool. Chloramines will increase what’s called combined chlorine in a pool. And if a pool’s combined chlorine is high, chlorine smell results.

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/info_8484855_chlorine-smell-pool.html

After doing some shopping on Saturday morning, I spent some time down at the bar in the hotel writing the previous blog article. I posted a tweet asking is anyone was available for dinner. But I felt a little tired and thought I could have a “Nanna Nap” before having dinner, so at about 4pm I lay down for a quick snooze…. and woke up again Sunday morning. Oh well, so much for dinner. Jet lag and long days travelling do have an effect. Apologies to anyone who was planning to catch up with me.

Fargo was getting cold (at least for my standards), but I braved the outside for a short while to take some photos of what would welcome the attendees as they arrived.


The temperature was -5 degrees Celsius, 23 degree Fahrenheit.


The pillars at the main entrance were branded with reIMAGINE 2014 signs which warmed the heart, but could not warm the body…. for that I ran back inside.


For me, one of the best things about coming to the conferences is in the USA is … No … the best thing about coming to the conferences is being able to catch up with my friends in the Microsoft Dynamics GP community. As much as I love hearing about the latest and greatest that the product has to offer, it is the people who truly make the long trip worthwhile.

My best group of friends in the community are centred around the Microsoft Dynamics GP MVPs. A number of the MVPs had attended the MVP Summit in Seattle the week before and had decided to get to Fargo via train!!!

So, Leslie Vail, Belinda Allen, John Lowther, Jivtesh Singh and his wife Rubal all arrived on Sunday afternoon after believe it or not … a 37 hour trip by train. As the train tracks are mostly owned by the freight companies, passenger trains have to wait while the freight trains have priority.

I got to say hello to them when they finally arrived. I also went to the registration desk and picked up my conference badge, jacket and bag. The jacket is a very nice black fabric zip jacket with Microsoft Dynamics GP branding embroidered onto it and the bag was a red plaid bag (not my style, but my wife likes it).

The train travelling MVPs were all tired after their trip, but Leslie and her good friend Sheila Jefferson-Ross did join me for a relaxed dinner at the hotel.


We retired at a reasonable hour (at least for “conference” time) … after getting kicked out of the restaurant at 11pm.

The conference starts tomorrow, Monday morning with breakfast.


PS: I was still hanging out to see my friend and co-presenter, Mariano Gomez, who was not arriving until late on Sunday night.

This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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