Sad Times for Australian Cricket

David Meego - Click for blog homepageI am not a huge sports fan even though I live in a sports mad country. However, this last week’s news has been overshadowed with the injury and subsequent death of Australian cricketer Phil Hughes.

While Cricket balls can be bowled at speeds up to 160kmh (100mph), Cricket is not a sport that you would expect major injuries from let alone a death.

During a Sheffield Shield match on Tuesday, fast bowler Sean Abbot bowled a short-pitched bouncer just as he had done many times before. However, this time was different. Batsman Phil Hughes turned to avoid the ball, but it stuck him just behind the ear under the helmet. Phil turned aside appearing a little shaken, but seconds later he collapsed face down on the ground.

Despite the best medical care, there was little that could be done to save his life after the impact of the ball ruptured one of the arteries that supplies the brain and caused a massive bleed. Forty-eight hours after the accident, Cricket Australia announced that Phil’s life support had been turned off and that he had died. There has only ever been one other similar incident recorded in the history of the game.

MemorialYoung fans leave tributes and flowers for Phil Hughes at the Members entrance to the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground).

This incident has affected people around the globe with even rock star Sir Elton John dedicating a song to Phil at a recent concert in Germany.

Here are some articles with more details.

Our thoughts are with Phil’s family and the Australian cricket community at this time.

[Edit] What is it with Cricket this week?  Just heard that an Israeli cricket umpire died after being hit on the jaw by a cricket ball. Former national cricket team captain, Hillel Oscar has died on the day that would have been Phil Hughes’ 26th birthday.


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30-Nov-2014: Added news of Israeli cricket umpire’s death.

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