Where’s David during January 2015?

David Meego - Click for blog homepageHi everyone

It has been a while since my last post, but that has been because I have been in holiday mode.

Sadly, holiday mode does not just mean relaxing. Before Christmas and between Christmas and New Year and then for the first week of the new year, my family and I worked on sanding back the wooden decks (4 areas) around the pool in the back garden all the way to raw wood. We then acid washed the decks and repainted with a tint coat and two slip resistant finishing coats.

It has been a huge amount of work with many hours morning and night invested. You could not work during the day as it was too hot and we had to wait for the deck to get back in the shade and cool down. We had one day when it reached 44.4C / 112F and we could not even use the pool as we did not want to get the decks wet.

However, the end result was worth it.

Large Deck and Raised Deck

Little Deck and Bridge

Decks and Pool

After all that work, the family and I are now enjoying a proper holiday for a bit, so the posts will be thin on the ground until I am back on board.


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