The future of the Support Debugging Tool

David Meego - Click for blog homepageSince leaving Microsoft in October last year, I have been asked many times about the future of the Support Debugging Tool.

So I wanted to let people know what is happening with the tool and what to expect.

As mentioned in my earlier post: Update: Where is the Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015?, I have an exclusive agreement in place with Microsoft which allows me to continue work on and release the tool. In that post I asked via a survey what the new name for the tool should be.

So, as it has become a pain to keep talking about “the rebranded and upgraded Support Debugging Tool”, I have decided to confirm that the new name will be

GP Power Tools

Thank-you to all who voted.

GP Power Tools will be initially released for the following Microsoft Dynamics GP versions:

  • v11.0: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010
  • v12.0: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and GP 2013 R2
  • v14.0: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

GP Power Tools will be available via an annual subscription for each customer site at the special introductory price of US$365.00. That’s a dollar a day, and every four years you will get a day for free.

Here is the cool bit… with GP Power Tools you will get:

  • Everything you love about the Support Debugging Tool
  • New simpler Navigation with menus and area page
  • Database Validation, to ensure that your upgrades work
  • Numerous enhancements and the odd bug fix
  • And lots more….

So for now continue to use the free Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and GP 2013 (inc. GP 2013 R2) available from Stay tuned for more information on when to upgrade to GP Power Tools for continued support and improved functionality.

Those of you on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 will need to be patient and wait for the release of GP Power Tools.

Watch this space (blog), especially the GP Power Tools Portal page at

Please post comments and feedback.


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