Welcome to the first GPUG Chapter outside of North America

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I have been involved in GPUG (Dynamics GP User Group) over the few last years, primarily because I was presenting at conferences in the US which GPUG was organising or at least had a presence at.

As I learnt more about what GPUG does for the community, I realised that I wanted to bring the benefits of an organised user group to my home town in Perth.

So, after promising Kim “Mama” Peterson for a long time that I would start a Perth chapter of GPUG, I finally bit the bullet and booked a room at the local Microsoft Office and began planning our first meeting.

Last Wednesday night we had our first meeting with eleven attendees. We had representatives from four customer companies and two of the three local partners (the third partner gave their apologies and promised to be at the next meeting).


Before the meeting got started, we had some social time to chat and eat pizza. Free food… always a great reason to attend. 🙂

My long time friend (and SQL Guru) Robert Cavill from Emeco presented a member showcase. It was the best member showcase we had ever seen (also the only one), but it should be the first of many.

I also gave a demonstration of the upcoming GP Power Tools product, showing how to use it to resolve a variety of security related issues. The demo included some of the features from its predecessor (the Support Debugging Tool), but also included some functionality newly added to GP Power Tools.

Thanks to Michelle, Katherine and Fiona from the Perth Microsoft office for their assistance and to Rose, Jennifer and Kim from GPUG for working with me to make this happen. Finally thanks to the local partners and customers who took the time out of busy schedules to come and attend.

The next meeting is scheduled for September. Exact details will be published later.

If you are a customer in Western Australia, we would love to see you at the next meeting.


PS: I found out that not only was this GPUG chapter meeting, the first in Australia, but also the first outside of North America.

This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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