Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 not showing Service Enabled Procedures

David Meego - Click for blog homepageIt has been a while since I last posted on the blog. I have been working flat out to finalize the GP Power Tools code and documentation. All I can say is that the Microsoft Dynamics GP community will be amazed with some of the new features and will love the improvements above and beyond the Support Debugging Tool. I will be starting a “What’s New” in GP Power Tools series of posts soon.

Anyhow, the subject of today’s post is an issue in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 that I discovered while testing the GP Power Tools code.

The Security Task Entry window can be used to add access rights for Service Enabled Procedures in any of the product dictionaries.  Just select the Security Task ID and then select the product, Type as Service Enabled Procedures and the series.

SecurityTaskEntry2Security Task Entry working

All seems working as expected…. until you create a modified forms dictionary for that product, by going into the Modifier. You don’t have to make any changes, the existence of the forms dictionary is all that is needed. Now the Service Enabled Procedures for that product no longer show up.

Security Task Entry no longer showing Service Enabled Procedures

As I have very similar code in the new Script Explorer window in GP Power Tools, I was seeing the same behaviour. This is what sparked the investigation into what was happening.

I tested the code that reads the dictionary and it is able to see the list of global procedures in the dictionary fine, but the check to see if the script is Service Enabled with the Script_GetSystemProperty() function fails to return the any data and so no scripts can be identified as Service Enabled.

I have reported this issue to Microsoft.  In the meantime, if you need to set security to Service Enabled Procedures, temporarily rename the custom forms dictionaries and re-launch Microsoft Dynamics GP.


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