#GPPT What’s New: Administrator Password vs System Password

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThe Administrator level (Advanced Mode) features of GP Power Tools require application level security, SQL Server sysadmin or dbo status and the System Password (if one is configured) to access them.

So what happens if you want a user to be able access a feature and can provide the security required at the application level and SQL Server level, but you don’t really want to provide them with the Microsoft Dynamics GP System password?

There is a solution. GP Power Tools now allows you to setup a separate Administrator Password instead of the System Password. Use the new Administrator Password Setup window to configure how you want the system to behave.

Administrator Password Setup

Once activated, the system will ask for the GP Power Tools Administrator Password (if one is configured) instead of the System Password. You also have the option to activate the feature, but not enter an Administrator password. This will disable the password request for GP Power Tools Advanced Mode windows while still leaving the System Password active on Dynamics GP system windows.

The second option on the window allows you configure GP Power Tools to not ask users for the Administrator Password when they have access to the Administrator Password Setup window. This is controlled using the GP POWER TOOLS PASSWORD Security Role. The idea here is to make life easier for the system administrator by not challenging them to enter a password every time they want to open an Advanced Mode window.

You can easily identify which password is being requested as the prompts are different on the dialog windows:

System Password         Administrator Password

Now you can choose how you want to secure the administrator level features of GP Power Tools.



This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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