#GPPT What’s New: Microsoft Dynamics GP usability enhancements

David Meego - Click for blog homepageGP Power Tools is now released and available via my distribution and support partner, Mekorma.

Continuing on with the What’s New series, today’s article will have a quick look at some of the usability enhancements to the Microsoft Dynamics GP application.

There are a number of features that GP Power Tools adds to Microsoft Dynamics GP to make using the application easier for users and administrators.

The first couple of features add menu entries with keyboard shortcuts to the main application menu. The options are for Raise All Windows to bring all open windows into the foreground above the main application window, and Exit After Processes to exit the application once all background processes are completed.

GP Power Tools Menu

The next features are enabled from the Administrator Settings window. The Prevent application windows from opening outside of the visible desktop area option resolves the issue where windows that remember their last position can open beyond the visible desktop. This problem can also occur with multiple monitor systems when having Microsoft Dynamics GP windows across more than one monitor.

Administrator Settings 2

The Add extra width to company name drop down list on Company Login windows option, adjusts the fields on the Company Login window to use the full width of the window. This ensures that long company names will be displayed in full in the drop down list.

Company Switch

Also once GP Power Tools is installed, the company selection drop down list on the Company Login will default to the company last selected on the window. If you don’t want this enhancement, it can be disabled via the Dex.ini Settings window.

The last feature for today enhances the access denied security message to add the details of the resource that the user is denied access to.

Access Denied With Details

This feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled from the Administrator Settings windows.



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