Get involved: Enter the GPUG Summit “AppOFF” Competition

David Meego - Click for blog homepageWith the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, developers were provided with additional Service Based Architecture (SBA) functionality built into the application and development environment.

Service Based Architecture is primarily comprised of two features: Service Enabled Procedures and the .Net Interop.

These two features blur the line of distinction between Dexterity and the .Net development world. Previously tools like Continuum and Visual Studio Tools allowed external developers to interface with Dexterity based applications, but Dexterity itself was unaware of these tools and their integrations.

With Service Based Architecture, Dexterity is now able to get in on the party. It can create code in the form of Service Enabled Procedures which are exposed to the outside world as REST based web services. It can also now use .Net objects, methods, properties and datatypes directly in Dexterity’s sanScript language.


To promote the use of this technology, at the upcoming GPUG Summit confence in Reno, Nevada, USA on the 13-16 October 2015, the Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG) will be hosting an “AppOFF” competition.

The competition is inviting GPUG members to design and create a Dynamics GP related App which can either leverage the default web services included with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 or use custom developed Dexterity service enabled procedures to provide additional web services.

The aim is to edcuate members on the tools that can be used to create Apps and so providing some GP related Apps for the community to use, while having some fun with a contest between members.

If you saw the development tools session that Mariano and I presented at Convergence, we showed you can use the Project Siena tool in conjunction with standard GP web services to create functional App in only a few minutes.

For more information on the objectives and guidelines, see Kim Peterson’s blog post

Get involved, enter now.


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