Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap and User Interface Design

David Meego - Click for blog homepageRecently, I read a couple of articles by my fellow bloggers in the Microsoft Dynamics GP community and wanted to highlight them as well as add some of my own thoughts.

The first article was from Tim Wappat at Dynamic Code Blocks. It was a summary of the sneak peak at Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and its HTML 5 web client at a meeting in London, UK.

The article, GP2016, looking sweet in HTML5 gives some insight into the upcoming HMTL 5 web client as well as other new features for GP 2016 and beyond. Have a read of the article to get the latest info.

There is also an updated roadmap slide which I expect to be expanded upon at next week’s reIMAGINE 2015 conference.


The second article from Steve Endow on the Dynamics GP Land blog is a follow up on Tim’s post and is a commentary on the Hamburger menu icon. If you use mobile apps (smartphone or tablet) you would probably have seen this 3 horizontal bars icon appearing more and more.

On readimg Steve’s article: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 should go meatless you will discover that this navigation model does not work and has a negative impact on application usage. The hamburger menu is not intuitive and people don’t like it. Make sure you read the articles referenced by Steve and you can see that more and more companies are moving away from the hamburger menu and the usage data confirms that decision is the way to go.

So, now I can add my thoughts to the issue with mobile user interface design.


As the screen sizes of modern mobile devices seems to be continuously growing, phones are becoming harder and harder to use one handed. My current phone (Lumia 925 Windows Phone) has a 4.5″ screen and it is already impossible for me to get to the top left corner of the screen (I am right handed). This was never much of an issue as Windows Phone had its menus at the bottom of the screen and used an ellipse (…) button on the right hand bottom corner to signify that more menu choices were available.

As the hamburger menu paradigm is becoming more common with the button usually in the top left corner and the screen sizes are getting bigger, it is becoming harder and harder to use the apps.

Recently I saw a feature which would shrink your screen down to the bottom half of your device to make it easier to use one handed. This then leaves the top half of the screen blank and unused. To me this feature is not one of added flexibility, but a feature necessary due to bad user interface design.

Windows Phone had so many great features and with its desire to be more like Android and iOS, we are inheriting the bad user interface design of the competitive products.

Get rid of the hamburger AND keep all navigation at the bottom of the screen for handheld devices.




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