Windows 10 Surface Pro 3 Docking Station Network Problem: SOLVED!

David Meego - Click for blog homepageEver since returning from my trip to the United States and Mexico for reIMAGINE 2015 and GPUG Summit 2015, I have been experiencing issues with my networking.

OK, it has only been a week, but it has been annoying and today after yet other search of the interwebs, I have a solution.

The issue has been that whenever I try to use the Surface Pro 3 Dock’s ethernet adaptor, my computer loses the network connection entirely and I would have to restart the machine or at least disable and enable adaptors to get connected again.

The problem would surface (no pun intended) whenever trying to copy large files over the wired network. After a small amount of data would transfer, the networking fail and the computer would disconnect. A temporary fix was just to rely on wireless networking, which is fine for small files, but relatively slow for large files.

I have now applied the fix from user Uebernerd that was detailed on the Windows Central forums and highlighted on Dan Holme’s blog post. Everything is working nicely again and I can copy large files around my network using the gigbit wired connection again.

Links to the blog and forum thread below:

Blog: Windows 10 Surface Pro 3 Docking Station Network Problem: SOLVED!

Forum: Surface Pro 3 / Windows 10 10240: Networking issue with SP3 Docking Station Ethernet

Note: Using Update Driver Software via Device Manager did not work as it said I already had the latest version.

Thanks to Uebernerd for the fix and to Dan Holme for highlighting it. I am posting it again for my readers who might be having the same issue.



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