#GPUGSummit 2015 – Day 1 – Part 2 of 2

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Now that the work portion of Day 1 was finished, it was time to relax a little.

Starting with visiting the Expo Hall. My plan was to see a bit more of the what the exhibitors had on display, but after catching up with lots of friends we just did not get very far.

John Lowther and David Eichner

Beat and I did get to enjoy a drink, but had to wait about 15 minutes for a cold soft drink. I really don’t like pouring a warm soft drink into a glass of ice as it just immediately loses its fizz. So we asked the bar staff to put a couple cans into the ice bucket and came back later to claim a cold drink. 🙂 Thanks to the bar staff for sorting this for me and Beat.

Pam Misialek chilling at the Epxo

I ended up at the Rock ‘n’ Rave stand where Jay Manley and Steve Linz from Mekorma where holding fort and handing out sheets to be used as togas for the Rock ‘n’ Rave party.

Mekorma’s banner showing the relationship with Winthrop Development Consultants

After the Expo, Beat and I headed back to the Peppermill to drop off our bags and then headed to the Edge Nightspot for the Rock ‘n’ Rave party (also on Facebook).

Here some photos from the evening:

Debbie Camp and Mike McDowell seeing red

Relaxing around the fire pits on the terrace, the music inside was very loud

Party go-ers wearing their sheets, ehem, togas

Mark Polino, Freakin’ Awesome MVP (even if he does have to say it himself)

Some of my favourite ladies in the GP world: Kim Peterson and Pam Misialek

I had planned only to stay for a little while as I was tired after a full day (and only 5 hours sleep the night before), but as I said my good byes I was dragged onto the dance floor and not allowed to leave. I did have fun with my dance partners for the night Sheila Ochoa, Kelli Sexton, Sheila Jefferson-Ross and Tanya Henderson. Thanks for a great night, just don’t publish any of the videos you took. 🙂 I don’t want people to know that I am not always a geek!

Liquid Nitrogen on the dance floor…. it was cooooold.

Dancing the night away

GPUG Summit 2015 in Reno – Rock ‘n’ Rave (direct link)


Eventually, I had to leave as I was exhausted and had another busy day tomorrow. Oh well, another night with only 5 hours sleep. A special thanks to the sponsors of Rock ‘n’ Rave for a fantastic night: mc2, Accountable Software, ASC Software, Mekorma, k-eCommerce, PaperSave, Olympic Systems, Avalara, SalesPad and Concerto.


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