#GPUGSummit 2015 – Day 3

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Day 3 started again with breakfast in the Meal Hall at the Convention Center, and this time there was hardly anyone there. Looks like the partying at the bowling alley the night before was taking its toll.

The first commitment for the day was the Mekorma partner showcase breakout session. This session was presented by Craig Klapman, Mariano Gomez & myself and demonstrated products from both the Mekorma and Winthrop Development Consultants ranges.

The session included the official announcement that Mariano Gomez is now working for Mekorma. It was a very badly kept “secret” as he had already presented a number of sessions which said he worked for Mekorma on the slide decks and had been wearing Mekorma branded shirts.

Before the session got started Mariano and I pumped up the crowd to help bring in more attendees from the hallway. Thanks to the audience for being good sports and playing along.

PST04 – 50 Companies 50 Checkbooks One Button + Power Tools

The product showcase covered the upcoming addition to Mekorma’s Multi-Batch Payment Processing solution. The new product is Multi-Batch Payment Builder which will be able to automatically create multiple payment batches based on previously defined rules, including batches in multiple companies. Combined with the Multi-Batch Print and Post and Mekorma MICR products, this will provide a highly automated solution for handling the Accounts Payable requirements for businesses with one or more Dynamics GP companies.

In the middle of the showcase, I was able to demonstrate a few features from GP Power Tools which should help make the lives of administrators and users of Microsoft Dynamics GP easier. The session was very popular and the audience response to everything shown was very enthusiastic.

After the showcase, we all headed down to the general session GEN04: Ask the GPUG All-Stars in the convention center. Here are some photos from the session:

The session started with a welcome from Kim Peterson

Kim was joined by Rose Spitzer who announced the GPUG Chapter of the year and the GPUG Chapter Leader of the year

Kim then started discussing the GPUG All Stars and the qualities they should have

Here is a list of the previous GPUG All Stars. All of these guys are awesome people who do lots for the community. They also happen to be really nice people that I am proud to have as friends

So now Kim prepares to announce this year’s winners for which I am one of the nominees

As soon as she started talking about working for Microsoft and creating the Support Debugging Tool. I (along with everyone else) knew that I was the first one to be named.

Once Viola, Steve and I had been awarded GPUG All Stars we were kept on stage and joined by some of the existing GPUG All Stars for a Q & A session hosted by Andy Hafer

Kim Peterson with the GPUG All Stars for 2015: David Musgrave, Viola Shoell, and Steve Erbach

Lots of GPUG All Stars
Left to Right: Kim Peterson, Beat Bucher, David Musgrave, Mark Polino, Viola Shoell, Andy Hafer, Belinda Allen, Steve Erbach, Bob McAdam, John Lowther, Zubin Gudwani

Wow. Thank you so much to GPUG and everyone who voted for the GPUG All Stars. I am humbled to receive the award which adds me to an elite group of awesome people. I do what I do in the community because I love doing it. I love helping people with responding on forums and writing blogs. I love writing software that helps make peoples’ lives easier. To be recognised for my contributions with both a Microsoft MVP Award and a GPUG All Star award in my first year since leaving Microsoft is exciting, gratifying and humbling at the same time. It brings my first year to an amazing conclusion, see my post: Winthrop Development Consultants … One year on.

After the session Beat, Mariano and I headed to the Meal Hall for lunch. On the way we came across Tanya Henderson pretending to work on her computer.

Mariano Gomez and Beat Bucher trying to drag a very tired Tanya Henderson to lunch

After lunch we headed back to the Atlantis for the final breakout session that Mariano and I were presenting. This session was a demonstration of GP Power Tools (GPPT) and its Service Based Architecture functionality. GPPT exposes five Service Enabled Procedures which can be used to run custom user defined code stored under a Script ID. The Script ID is created using Dexterity sanScript in the Runtime Execute window and is automatically populated with template code that shows show to pass data into and out of the script.

Because the code is being developed using GP Power Tools, you can leverage and re-use Dexterity code in the context of any dictionary, Transact-SQL code in the context of any database, as well as .Net code written in C# and/or VB.Net. Once the code is saved it is immediately available without any need to restart any services. While it does require some code, you can now make any functionality you want available as a web service. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.

TOT09 – Using GP Power Tools to Write Custom Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP

After the session, I went back to the Mekorma Hub to relax and socialise with other attendees. I had some Australian Lollies/Candies/Sweets and chocolate still and so offered that around including the dreaded Vegemite and the chocolate with Vegemite salted caramel.

While I was at the Mekorma Hub I caught up with Daisy Eck. I had to get a photo of Daisy saying hello to my friend from Perth, Kate Sexstone. Kate had been staying up late in Perth and remotely attending GPUG Academy training sessions and so had been working closely with Daisy. So here is Daisy and I thinking about you, Kate. Hope you can get to a future GPUG Summit.

Daisy Eck and David Musgrave

I had planned to hang around the Bistro Napa and offer Tim Tam Slams to anyone who was game to try. However, I ended up being committed to dinner with the Mekorma team and had to leave. Sorry if anyone tried to find me and couldn’t.

The Mekorma team and I went to the Wild River Grill in downtown Reno and had a lovely meal. We went round the table and discussed what we got out of the conference and I must say that this meal with its conversation just confirmed that I made the right decision when I decided to link my company’s future with Mekorma by having them exclusively distribute and support my products. Thank you for including me in your team.

MekormaDinner1The Mekorma team (a great bunch of people) and Yours Truely.

Left to Right: Mike McDowell, Jay Manley, Angel Blum, Steve Linz, Ora Goldman, Craig Klapman, Mariano Gomez and David Musgrave

After dinner we returned to the Atlantis and found that some of our friends were still hanging around the Bistro Napa (even though it was closing). So I spent the final part of the evening chatting with Leslie Vail, Shiela Jefferson-Ross, Mark Polino, Frank Heslin. I also handed out my last packets of Tim Tams and Chicos.

Finally, Leslie and Sheila dropped me back to the Peppermill and the conference was over. I was happy that the conference was over and that it had been a great success, but I was also sad as it will now be another year (11 months or so) before I get to see my Conference Buddies again.


This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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