December 2015 Special: Helping Aaron Back

David Meego - Click for blog homepageYou probably all know GPUG All-Star Aaron Back who has been contributor to the Microsoft Dynamics GP community and GPUG for many years.

Last month, I found out that his son, Ian, is unwell and his treatment is costing a lot of money.

Aaron has created a GoFundMe page to help raise some funds to cover the costs of the treatment.


I wanted to do something to help Aaron out and was considering a personal donation, but looking at how much he needs I wanted to do something more.

To this end, I am planning to donate 10% of Winthrop Development Consultants’ December 2015 profits from selling GP Power Tools to the cause.

I am also challenging other Microsoft Dynamics GP partners in the community (both ISVs and selling partners) to help Aaron and his family in any way they can, be it via personal donation, a lump sum donation or percentage approach like I am using.

Thanks to the following partners for joining the cause and donating something (in no particular order):

Let me know if you are willing to “go all in” and join me in this endeavour and I will add your company name in this article.

Also, thanks to all the individuals who have donated.

So, please buy GP Power Tools in December and let’s give the Back family an awesome Christmas present and give back to Aaron some of what he gives to the GP Community.

Wishing Ian a fast recovery and the family a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.


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7 thoughts on “December 2015 Special: Helping Aaron Back

  1. Thank you for posting David. I was unaware of Aaron’s needs until you posted this. I’ve contributed a bit and ‘shared’ with the public on my Facebook page.


  2. I love you David! Ora, Zubin, Steve and others!
    I love the GPUG community and what we do together. Let’s be an advocate for Ian and let him know what a cool Dad he has and what he means to us! Tis the season – let’s help a friend in need.


  3. Thank you David for setting this up. This is much appreciated by my family. This shows the depth of connection shared in the Community. Thank you everyone! Words fail me in showing my appreciation.


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