#Skyworks2016 – Australia Day 2016

David Meego - Click for blog homepageI am back in Perth after enjoying time in Sydney with family and a cruise (with other family) from Sydney around New Zealand.

Time to work on catching up with the email backlog and getting back into projects for 2016. But it might be a couple more days before the work really gets going….

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 26th January 2016) is the Australia Day 2016 public holiday, and so many people are taking today (Monday) off as well to create a four day long weekend. I know this also happens in the US around their equivalent, Independence day.

While Sydney is know around the globe for its New Year’s Eve fireworks, Perth waits for Australia Day for its Skyworks fireworks and laser show, put on by the City of Perth and Mix 94.5fm. For additional info click here.

Below are some photos from previous year’s shows as well as some videos of the 2015 show:

Skyworks 2013

Skyworks 2014

Skyworks 2015

Skyworks 2015

Perth City Skyworks 2015 (direct link)


Australia Day Skyworks 360 Video (direct link)


Perth City Australia Day 2015 Skyworks HD (direct link)


For those of you in Perth going to see the show live, have fun.



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