GPUG farewells Kim “Mamma” Peterson as she takes up a new role

David Meego - Click for blog homepageToday is a sad day in the GPUG community. We are losing Kim “Mamma” Peterson from the Dynamics Communities team where she has been GPUG Program Director for the last five years.

Kim has done an awesome job and leaves GPUG on a high as she takes up a new role as Director of User Experiences for InterDyn BMI.

Thank you Kim for all the support you have given to the community and the advice and encouragement you have given to me. GPUG would not be where it is today without your work, smiling face and great laugh.

Kim at GPUG Summit 2015 awarding GPUG All Stars myself, Viola and Steve

Here are some videos of Kim’s fun side:

Tim Tam Slams at Convergence 2012 (direct link)


Kim Peterson doing the Tim Tam Slam at Microsoft Convergence 2015 in Atlanta (direct link)


Have a read of the posts on the GPUG blog:

Good luck with the new role, hope to see you soon at the conferences.


PS: Kim, I will still need my hugs.

PPS: Please post in the comments if you have something to say to Kim.

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4 thoughts on “GPUG farewells Kim “Mamma” Peterson as she takes up a new role

  1. Wow, I look back and realize had I not met Kim P back 20+ years ago, I would not likely be reading about GPUG, giving my blood sweet and tears to GP2015 Year Ends or enjoying the heck out of meeting new people.

    I recall the first time we met up here in cold Edmonton, Kim, Lisa and I sitting in an office and trying to figure out how to make this work up here. At that time there were only two vars – Brian C and us. We learned fast, adopted to the style as best we could and the rest, as they say is history.

    We have had a great run over the past years and we owe a great big thanks to Kim P for that. She tought us to share and teach and learn, and most importantly share and teach. We do that each and every day in our own way and hope that we get close to the goal that Kim has achieved.

    Well done Kim, thanks for the great career and thanks for the Great Plains memories.

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  2. I can honestly say that had I not met Kim Peterson some 20+ years ago I would not likely be reading anything from “GPUG” or “DYNAMICS” let alone posting a heart felt thanks to a lady that literally openned to door to my career as a Great Plains software consultant – we were one of her first Canadian Training centers, we won a couple of early awards and it all due to the hard work and dedication of Kim Peterson.

    If someone offers to help you in this business and they are sincere then take the hand up and learn, gladly I do it every day, I try to contribute back in my own way, and hope that it is in some part due to the gift that Kim gave me all those years ago.

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