Register for the Dynamics Certification Exams

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThe Association for Dynamics Professionals (DynamicsPro) was created to fill the void left when Microsoft discontinued the certification programs for Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV.

The community (via Dynamics Communities) decided that some sort of certification was required to differentiate Dynamics Professionals and maintain a level of competency standards. To that end DynamicsPro was formed and is open to any professional (partner or customer) seeking to better themselves and the Dynamics community.

Following from the initial exams held at reIMAGINE 2015 and the Summit 2015 events (GPUG and NAVUG) which produced the inaugural group of credentialed professionals, DynamicsPro will be offering onsite proctored exams for both Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV in a variety locations in the USA, UK and Netherlands.


The exams start on the 23rd February 2016 and include:

  • GP Core Financials Setup & Functionality Certification
  • GP Core Installation & Configuration Certification
  • NAV Core Application Setup Certification
  • NAV Core Installation & Configuration Certification
  • NAV Core Development Certification

For more details on the locations and to register for the events, please go to the following page:

Also have a look at Joe Carroll’s blog post on the topic:

Get Certified!


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