#GPPT: Responding to the GP Power Tools Survey Part 1

David Meego - Click for blog homepageIf you have installed GP Power Tools (GPPT), firstly thank-you for your support, secondly you probably would have been presented with the GP Power Tools Feedback Survey dialog.

This dialog will first appear for an administrator user after two days for a new installation and immediately on an upgrade install. You can gdecide whether to go to the web based survey at that time or to dismiss the dialog for a period of time.

The survey launched from this dialog is a major source of information on the usage of the product and a chance for users to provide feedback. The dialog is shown below:


Please take the opportunity to respond to the survey when the dialog opens. You can also manually open the survey dialog under the GP Power Tools >> Setup menu.

However, this blog post is not about users responding to the survey, it is a chance for me to respond to some of the survey comments entered by the community.

The Survey Dialog is intrusive

The dialog will only open automatically for System Administrator users. It will never open automatically for normal users. When the dialog opens automatically, the user must make a selection of an action. If you select to respond on the survey, the web site will open and the dialog will not show again until you update to a new build. You can also select not to respond and ask the dialog to remind you on next login, tomorrow, in 7 days, in 30 days or never again until a new build is installed.

So, how intrusive or not intrusive the dialog can be is completely under your control.

Product has no documentation

One of the comments said that GP Power Tools has no documentation.

Well, this is incorrect. When you install GP Power Tools, it also installs the User Guide manual in pdf format. The User Guide has details about installation and explanations of every window in the product, more than 250 pages worth.

It can be opened from any GP Power Tools window by pressing F1 or selecting Help from the menu and then choosing to open the Manual on the dialog.


There is also more information on the Portal, both old and new blogs as well as conference sessions and video recordings.

Users not getting full use of product

Some users feel that they are not getting full use of GP Power Tools as there are features they are not using. This is understandable as the tool has a variety of features targeted as different audiences. For example: some development and scripting features might not be as useful to system administrators.

We are working on releasing a video series to give example usage and steps for each of the features. These short videos should help you know what each feature is for and when it can be used.

Identifying tables for window fields

One comment was that in another product, it was possible to click on a window field and it would identify the table and column related to that field. They wanted the same functionality from GP Power Tools.

Sadly, it is not possible to provide that exact functionality. While fields on a report are linked to a specific table and column, Dexterity does not link fields on windows to a table.

So, the Resource Information window can identify the current field automatically (when the Show currently selected Window and Field information option is enabled), but it cannot directly identify the table.

However, if you click on the Associated Tables button, it will filter all the tables linked to the form to only show those including the current field. This will usually bring the possible table locations down to a single table.  The same window also identifies which table is the linked or main table for the window. If the field exists in the linked table, then that is your most likely location.

Cost used to be included with GP

GP Power Tools (or its predecessor, the Support Debugging Tool) were never included with GP.

The Support Debugging Tool was a pet project of my while I was a Microsoft employee to create a tool to help the Dynamics GP support team resolve issues, especially when we did not know how to replicate the issue yet. While it was provided free of charge and was very popular in the customer and partner community, it was never officially supported by Microsoft and was not widely used by the support team.

It was free as Microsoft did not want the hassle of charging for it and it made no difference to me as I was getting a salary.

After leaving Microsoft, rather than let the tool be discontinued, I negotiated to take control of it and continue developing and supporting it as an ISV product.

GPPT is not cloud based

GP Power Tools can be as “cloud based” as Microsoft Dynamics GP. GP Power Tools can be used with the web client, but does lose some features because they either don’t work in the web client (due to limitations in the web client implementation) or they don’t make sense in the web client. There is a section at the end of Chapter 2 of the User Guide manual which lists what features are not available on the web client.


I have called this article “Part 1” as I will post more articles like this to respond to feedback from the community.

Please keep providing feedback and product feature suggestions.


This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

2 thoughts on “#GPPT: Responding to the GP Power Tools Survey Part 1

  1. Honestly how can people complain about a product that cost 364 USD that provides any functionality, let alone the amount of functionality GP Power Tools provides?


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