Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 has released

David Meego - Click for blog homepageI have just received an email from my friend Terry Heley from Microsoft letting me know that Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 has now been released to general availability and can be downloaded (my download is already completed 🙂 ).

Thanks to everyone who has made this release possible. Lots of hard work goes into getting all the new features and fixes developed and tested.

The GP 2016 release adds some great new features including:

  • A new HTML5 browser with multi-device support for Web Client
  • Key additions to the All in One Doc viewers
  • ODATA service for Power BI
  • New service based architecture entities
  • plus 35+ functionality features prioritized by customers

For the download file go to the following page:

I have also updated my page on the blog with the links for all current versions:

Also check out the following blog series on the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog:

For the GP 2016 Feature of the Day articles published on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog, use the link below:

You can also use the following link to access the PDF files on the OneDrive archive.

Click here for the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 What’s New PDF document.



This article was originally posted on

03-May-2016: Updated Feature of the Day links.

6 thoughts on “Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 has released

  1. Hi-Thanks for the above! This is helpful. We are just adopting GP. We’ve got a 2016 Admin account created and since we are going from Quickbooks to GP, I am looking for learning and set-up resources. I can find nothing about 2016 anywhere yet. Can you offer any links or recommended books or anything?


    • Hi Christine

      Please note that any resources for prior versions of Dynamics GP will be valid. There are a number of books that have been written by respected community members and MVPs.

      You can also access forums (links) on the right hand pane of this blog. I would highly recommend joining as they have lots of training material available via the GPUG Academy.

      Did you have specific questions?




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