Dexterity for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Install Error

David Meego - Click for blog homepageI came across an interesting issue yesterday when I installed Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and its matching Dexterity 16.0 version.

When installing Dexterity I received an error message which in turn caused the installation process to be cancelled.

Note: We have skipped version 15.0, so that GP 2016 is version 16.0. This avoids the confusion we have had previously with the version “year” not matching the version “number”.

The error was as follows:

Dex Instance Error 1

The internal instance name is already in use. Specify a different instance transform.

This first error dialog is then followed by an Installation Failed message.

Dex Instance Error 2

I did not get this error when I first installed Dexterity 16.0 from the first ISV drop of GP 2016. But I did get it when re-installing Dexterity 16.0 when I updated to the second ISV drop of GP 2016. I thought this was because I accidently started the Dexterity install before the GP install had finished.

Now, because I have written installers for my own products, I had a fairly good idea of the cause of this issue. I was able to locate the registry settings which tell the installer what instances of Dexterity 16.0 are installed and remove them. Then I was able to reinstall.

However, after uninstalling the second ISV drop yesterday to install the RTM versions of GP 2016 and Dexterity 16.0, the same error occurred and this time I was careful to wait for the GP 2016 installer to finish before starting the Dexterity 16.0 installer.

It appears that the Dexterity 16.0 installer is not cleaning up the registry correctly when un-installing.

So, if you come across this problem while re-installing Dexterity 16.0, here is the fix:

Using RegEdit.exe go to the following key:


Dex Instance Error 3

And delete the v16 key and all its sub keys.

Then Dexterity 16.0 will re-install successfully.

Hope this helps


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11 thoughts on “Dexterity for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Install Error

  1. David, Thanks for this post.
    Do you know where can we download Dexterity for Dynamics GP 2016? All we find in Partnersource are downloads for 2015 and previous versions…


  2. Hi David, did you ever face a problem when installing dexterity 12. (Dyn GP 2013), when the installation is about to finish it just rollback and nothing is installed, I have notice that this happens with both Dex 11 and Dex 12, but just when the Windows installation language is spanish, I have this problem again and I cannot reinstall Windows at this time, please, give me a hand with this issue if you have the chance, thanks in advance.


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