#GPPT Vote for Company Color Schemes to work on the Dynamics GP Web Client

David Meego - Click for blog homepageGP Power Tools (like its predecessor, The Support Debugging Tool) has a feature where it can change the background colors of the Dynamics GP application depending on the company you are logged into.

This functionality work perfectly on the Dynamics GP desktop client, but does not work on the Web Clients (both Silverlight and HTML5 versions).

The problem is that the Web Client’s rendering code does not support the Dexterity function library commands Color_SetSystemColor() and Color_ResetSystemColor() which can be used to change system colors for various objects in the application.


Having different colors for each company helps differentiate the companies by providing an immediate visual cue to the user. It will ensure the user knows which company they are in and will avoid data entry into a test company or into an incorrect company.

For example: using a hot pink theme like the one below should remind you that you are logged into the test company.


So, to try and get this functionality added to the web client, I have created a Product Suggestion on MS Connect (now Experience Dynamics) (just like I used to tell everyone when I worked for Microsoft).

The more votes the suggestion (ID: 2698747) gets, the higher the priority becomes and the better the chances of getting this change made.

So, please vote and pass this request onto anyone you know who would benefit from having the company based color themes working in the Dynamics GP Web Client.

Click on the link below:

Here is the URL for the link



29-Mar-2018: Updated article with new product suggestion links.

This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

12 thoughts on “#GPPT Vote for Company Color Schemes to work on the Dynamics GP Web Client

  1. I know MS is in a rush to push out the web client but colours are so important especially in third party modules with the use of coloured flags etc.


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