Friday Funny: Impossible Numeric Puzzles

David Meego - Click for blog homepageToday’s Friday Funny comes from something I saw on the internet. I would normally give credit to my source, but as that will also give away the solutions, I will wait until later when I post the solutions.

Can you solve these three numeric puzzles? …… Despite the title of this article, they do have solutions.

Respond in the comments if you think you have solutions, but don’t give away any answers.

Here you go…

Puzzle 1

By only adding one straight line to the following equation make it a true expression.

Note: You are not allowed to change the equals to not equals.


Puzzle 2

In the same way that three 20’s add up to 60, use the same number three times to create a sum that adds up to 60.


Puzzle 3

Using only the four digits 2, 3, 4, 5 and the two symbols +, = make a true equation.


Following challenging my family with these puzzles, I have to add the following clarifications/rules:

  • All puzzles are using base 10. No hexadecimal allowed.
  • In Puzzle 1, you cannot alter the equals sign in any way. For example: changing it to be less than or equal, greater than or equal, or not equal.
  • In Puzzle 2, you cannot add any other mathematical operations.
  • In Puzzle 3, you must use all four digits and two symbols. You cannot rotate the symbols to create multiply symbol or the number 11.

At least my family were trying for creative solutions. But they did manage to solve all three in the end.



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