#MSCONNECT Open more than one window at a time in GP2016 Web Client

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This is the first in a series of blog posts where I will be highlighting Microsoft Connect product suggestions that need the community’s support. If you agree with the product suggestion, please help get as many votes as you can.

The issue which is the subject of today’s article is the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 HTML5 Web Client, submitted by Belinda Allen MVP.

Unlike the previous Silverlight based web client, the new HTML5 web client will only allow one active window at a time. You cannot have two or more windows open at the same time and work between them.

This also means that you cannot have a companion window open at the same time. Companion windows are additional windows often used by ISVs and customisation developers to add additional fields to a window without having to create alternate windows.

Note: You can only create alternate windows from core Dynamics.dic windows and can only have one alternate window selected for use at a time. Alternate windows cannot be created from a third party window (alternate or original).

A common example of a companion window is an Extender form with additional user defined fields. It would not be possible to have the Extender window open at the same time as the parent window. You would need to open and close it to return to the parent window underneath each time.

If the window you want to access does not have direct navigation from the current window, you would need to use the new window search facility to search for the other window each time to bring it to the foreground.

If you would like the option to have the previous web client behaviour back, please vote using the links below:

Click on the link below:

Here is the URL for the link

Note: If the link does not work for you, go to https://connect.microsoft.com/directory/ and sign in with your Microsoft Account (MSA) and then find Microsoft Dynamics – Microsoft Dynamics GP in the list and click Join. Then try the links above again.



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