#MSCONNECT GP – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Documentation

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This is the third in a series of blog posts where I will be highlighting Microsoft Connect product suggestions that need the community’s support. If you agree with the product suggestion, please help get as many votes as you can.

The issue which is the subject of today’s article is the lack of updated documentation for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, submitted by Vaidy Mohan.

Ever since Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 the documentation available for the product has been becoming scarcer. With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 there were 96 files installed into the documentation folder.

From Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 onwards there have been only 15 files in the folder and those have barely been updated for the GP 2015 and GP 2016 releases. If you open the pdf manuals, they mostly refer to GP 2013.

Updates for the documentation for Dexterity and the Dexterity help file as well as the SDK documentation has been lacking in the last releases.

I know that keeping the documentation up to date requires time and resources, but it is a valuable part of any software product, especially something as large and complex and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

So if you want the documentation kept up to date with the software, please vote using the links below.

Click on the link below:

Here is the URL for the link

Note: If the link does not work for you, go to https://connect.microsoft.com/directory/ and sign in with your Microsoft Account (MSA) and then find Microsoft Dynamics – Microsoft Dynamics GP in the list and click Join. Then try the links above again.Thanks


This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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