#GPPT Last chance to get the Special Introductory price for GP Power Tools

David Meego - Click for blog homepageNew Pricing and Product Modules will be released 1st July 2016 for GP Power Tools (GPPT).

Last day to order GP Power Tools at the introductory price of US$365 will be 30th June 2016.

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New pricing for GP Power Tools will be released on 1st July 2016. You still have one week to order at the introductory price of US$365. Sites that purchase GP Power Tools at the introductory price can renew their first year subscription at US$365 before switching to the new pricing model.

The new release of GP Power Tools will separate the features of the product into three individual modules. You can purchase all three or choose the ones that best fit your needs. Core functionality such as manual logging, capturing screenshots, email and Dex.ini settings will be included with any module purchased.

GPPT Administrator Tools includes Resource Information, Security Information, Logging and Analysis, Company color schemes, and Usability enhancements, Automated Dex.ini configuration, Dictionary control troubleshooting tool.

GPPT Developer Tools includes Scripting for Dexterity, SQL Server, Visual C# and Visual Basic.Net. Triggers for both debugging and customisation. User interaction with scripts via Parameter Lists. Custom RW functions and custom Service Based Architecture web services.

GPPT Database Tools includes Database Validation to check User and Company settings as well as Table structures. Export and Import of data via XML files.

Don’t miss out on the final days of the introductory price.

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