Friday Funny: Check out The Floppotron 2.0

David Meego - Click for blog homepageYou might have seen music played by devices with stepper motors before. You know, moving the drive head on a floppy drive or the print head on a dot matrix printer to play a simple tune.

Well, Paweł Zadrożniak from Poland has taken it to the next level with his mad creation, The Floppotron 2.0.

Using sixty-four floppy drives, eight hard disks and two scanners, he has built a computer hardware orchestra and has now recorded a number of musical pieces for the world to enjoy.

Below are the videos he has released so far:

The Floppotron (direct link)


The Floppotron: Smells Like Nerd Spirit (direct link)


The Floppotron: Hawaii Five-O (direct link)


The Floppotron: Game of Thrones (direct link)


The Floppotron: Darude – Sandstorm (direct link)


Watch Paweł’s YouTube channel for his new releases.



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