#GPUG Vote for your GPUG All-Stars for 2016

David Meego - Click for blog homepageI have been meaning to post this for a little while and now there is only one week left to vote for your GPUG All-Stars for 2016 as the voting closes on Friday 26th August 2016.

So here is the follow up to the previous #GPUG Nominate your GPUG All-Stars for 2016 post….

The GPUG All-Star Award program recognizes three GPUG Members who have a passion for Microsoft Dynamics GP and have made significant contributions of their time and expertise to educate and connect the greater GPUG community.

GPUG All-Star Award candidates are determined by criteria associated to participating, volunteering, and sharing across all areas of GPUG:

  • Courage – The strength to persevere, hold the talent to teach fellow Dynamics GP users.
  • Passion – For those who share their Dynamics GP and technology passion with others.
  • Resolve – Willing to take the time to help others with challenges they face.
  • Advancement – The pursuit of individual and organizational growth and development.

The winners will be announced at GPUG Summit 2016 in Tampa, Florida, USA.


And the nominees are …

Customer Nominees

  • Anne Provost, TNR Technical Inc
  • Bert Green, Berger Transfer & Storage, Inc.
  • Brian Lambertz, Connexus Energy
  • David Zamora, American Innovations
  • Frank Heslin, ExamWorks, Inc.
  • Jessica Raciborski, Tenacious Holdings, Inc
  • Kathy Kim, Donor Network of Arizona
  • Richard Ward, Storm Industries, Inc.
  • Rick Zich, Coopers DIY dba Mr Beer

Partner Nominees

  • Amber Bell, Training Dynamo LLC
  • Barbara Gavron, S2 Technology
  • Chris Hadden, Greenshades
  • Derek Krebs, MSX Group
  • Jeannette Coty Bachellor, Coty Consulting
  • Jen Kuntz, Kuntz Consulting Inc.
  • Kim Peterson, InterDyn BMI
  • Leslie Vail, Accounting Systems Consulting, Inc.
  • Lucas Miller, Microsoft
  • Mariano Gomez, Mekorma
  • Nick Sercer, MSX Group
  • Nicole Albertson, eOne Solutions
  • Noah Moseley, MSX Group
  • Rod O’Connor, Briware Solutions
  • Sherlene Sorenson, InterDyn BMI
  • Steve Endow, Precipio Services
  • Windi Epperson, Advanced Integrators, Inc

So, go vote for one customer nominee, one partner nominee and one additional (customer or partner) nominee.

See you in Tampa


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