Australia’s next generation $5 polymer bank note

David Meego - Click for blog homepageBack in 1988, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) broke new ground with the release of the world’s first polymer bank notes. By 1996 all of Australia’s bank notes were polymer based.

This week, the RBA has released the next generation of polymer bank notes starting with the new $5 note.

Australia leads the way in producing bank notes that are extremely difficult to counterfeit. Even the best attempts at counterfeit notes are fairly easily distinguishable from the original notes.

The following videos discuss the new note and manufacturing process that creates them.

Next generation of Australian banknotes: New $5 (direct link)


New banknotes: Design & production (direct link)


For more information, have a look at:

If you have not seen the really cool, coloured plastic notes for Australian money, make sure to ask me when you see me at reIMAGINE 2016 in Fargo, North Dakota, USA in September or GPUG Summit 2016 in Tampa, Florida, USA in October.

Hope to see you soon.


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