#GPPT GP Power Tools Build 22 is [almost] here

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAt the reIMAGINE 2016 and GPUG Summit 2016 conferences, I promised that a new build of GP Power Tools was coming and that it would have lots of great features.

[Update: GP Power Tools Build 22 was released in February 2017.]

Well, I have been working hard and have now completed the coding phase of the development. I will now be working on updating the documentation in preparation for the release of the build.

I am really excited about what GP Power Tools Build 22 will bring to the Microsoft Dynamics GP Community and wanted to give you some details of what to expect. Below is a summary of the main new features and enhancements included in the build:

System Module

  • High DPI Monitor help – Added Bitmap Scaling control to use with the existing Bitmap Fonts control to keep Microsoft Dynamics GP readable on a high resolution monitor. (Available right now on latest Build 21 release, click link for more information.)
  • Daily GP Power Tools Log – Start a new GP Power Tools Log each day and automatically delete logs older than a specified number of days. Avoids the log files getting too large over time.
  • Emailing of Logs – Option to automatically email captured logs to the system administrators when stopping Manual Logging.
  • Challenge ‘sa’ User on Login – Option to ask a user logging in as ‘sa’ to enter GP Power Tools Administrator password before access is allowed. Prevents IT staff from easily accessing the Microsoft Dynamics GP application.

Administrator Module

  • Deny Based Security – An additional layer to the GP security model to allow denying of access to operations (windows, reports, etc.) on a per user per company basis. Also allows menu items that cannot be controlled by security to be hidden on a per user per company basis. No more duplicating of Tasks and Roles just to deny access.
  • Company Login Filter – Filter companies available when logging in based on the installation folder and/or launch file name used. Perfect for ensuring that specific installations are only used with specific companies, for example: multi-national installs or company specific customisations.
  • Window Position Memory – Automatically remember a user’s preferred window position, size and state for any window in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Dictionary Control Enhancements – Added User and/or Company selection to allow product dictionaries to be disabled after login for specific users and/or companies.

Developer Module

  • Dynamic Trigger Logging – Register triggers against events in Dynamics and log when the event occurs. Tracks code execution path when standard logging methods are not available, such as when calling Service Procedures via Service Based Architecture (SBA) web service calls.
  • Generate Pass through Scripts – Convert prototyped cross dictionary Dexterity or SQL scripts into pass through code to directly cut and paste into your development dictionary.
  • Parameter Lists Enhancements – Parameter Lists now support drop down lists populated by data from a SQL query as well as custom lookups created from a SQL Query or by re-using an existing lookup form in any dictionary.
  • Project Grouping – Group together all the related Triggers, Scripts (Dex, SQL, .Net) and Parameter Lists for a customisation into a Project which can be exported as a single file.
  • Trigger Setup Enhancements – Triggers now support additional Events for Login and Logout as well as daily, weekly or monthly Scheduled Events. Also now supports emailing of logs and other captured files when Triggers fire.
  • New Helper Functions – Added 11 new helper functions to allow background and delayed execution of Dexterity code; access to custom SQL and Form Lookup windows (as used by Parameter Lists); Display SQL query in Results Pane; and Read, Write and Delete DUOS table data.

Database Module

  • Database Validation Enhancements – You can now select individual users to have their SQL Logins removed which are then recreated when using Fix Users. This resolves security issues and can be used to reset passwords. When recreating SQL Logins, Database Validation can now generate randomized strong passwords and provide a report of the passwords created.
  • XML Export and Import Enhancements – Improved error handling has been added to ensure the modal progress window is closed if an exception occurs.

As you can see there is something for everyone regardless of which modules you have. More in depth details and videos on the new features will be posted soon. Watch this space!

What features excite you? Do you have any questions? Do you have any product suggestions? Please post your thoughts in the comments below.

Finally, if you are interested in beta testing the code prior to the official release, please contact me.


This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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