The future of Microsoft Dynamics GP

David Meego - Click for blog homepageSince forever, the pundits have been preaching the demise of Great Plains Dynamics / Microsoft Dynamics GP.

When I joined Microsoft in 2001, one of the things that influenced my decision was the thinking that Dexterity (the language behind Dynamics GP) was going to die and so I decided that I would be better off inside Microsoft than continue working as an ISV (Independent Software Vendor).

Now sixteen years later in 2017 and I am back working as an ISV, and Dexterity, along with Microsoft Dynamics GP, is still going strong… despite the launch of Dynamics 365.

While the stresses of business in a modern world have meant that the development and support teams for Microsoft Dynamics GP have shrunk, everyone involved is still very committed to the product and working hard on fixes and new features for upcoming releases.

For more details on the upcoming releases, see Pam Misialek’s article below. It should be noted that the roadmap only shows the next couple of years…. that does not mean there is no future beyond that, just that the roadmap is planned with a rolling two year lead time!

To paraphrase Pam at reIMAGINE 2016, “If the partners keep selling Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft will keep developing and supporting it.”. While we are at it, to quote Errol Schoenfish at reIMAGINE 2016, “GP Goes On!”.

My friend and now MVP (congrats), Jen Kuntz, wrote a great article with her take on what the launch of Dynamics 365 means to Microsoft Dynamics GP and its users. Please forgive her for the clickbait title!

To counter some of the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) caused by the release of Dynamics 365 and comments from some people in the community, my friend and fellow Aussie (despite living in Fargo), Martin Olsen has published his thoughts on the future of Microsoft Dynamics GP and it is well worth reading:

Here is another excellent article that explains that Dynamics 365 is not an upgrade to Dynamics GP and that Dynamics GP will continue on as an independent product.

With some 48,000 Microsoft Dynamics GP customer sites, I cannot see Microsoft discontinuing the product. I look forward to providing my add-on products for Dynamics GP for many years to come.

For more information, see my other articles in this series:


24-Feb-2017: Added article from The Resource Group.

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16 thoughts on “The future of Microsoft Dynamics GP

  1. As a long time consultant of Dynamics GP, I agree with this analysis. I was told in 2001 that Dexterity would die in few years. I did not believe that and continue to provide support and customization on Dexterity as needed. I agree with the analysis, specially the large majority of GP customers are happy users.


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