#GPPT Stopping the subscription expiry warning message revisited

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThe first release of GP Power Tools as a Winthrop Development Consultants product was two years ago at the start of August 2015. Two years later, some the early adopters of the tool are starting to receive warnings that their subscriptions have expired even if they have paid to renew their subscriptions.

This article explains what is happening and how to resolve the issue.

The first release of GP Power Tools (after the Support Debugging Tool era) was numbered as Build 20 and was released for Microsoft Dynamics GP versions GP 2010, GP 2013 and GP 2015. The version numbers shown on the about windows were 11.00.0020, 12.00.0020 and 14.00.0020.

The build number “0020” specifies the functionality and feature set of the tool independent of the version. All versions have the same functionality (as long as the release of Dynamics GP supports it). You can see the build number highlighted on the screenshot of the About GP Power Tools window below:

When Build 20 of GP Power Tools was released, it was sold as a single product with one registration key and a special introductory price. To ensure that the introductory offer lasted for a minimum of 12 months even if the original subscription was pro-rated to match an existing enhancement renewal date, any customer who bought at this special price was offered the first renewal at the same special price.

Note: There was an issue with the initial release of Build 20 and the way it handled subscription expiry and the expiry warning messages with warnings displaying 30 days earlier than they were meant to. This was fixed in a hotfix labelled as Build 20 (Last Modified: 11-Sep-2015). See the “More Information” section below an earlier article on this issue.

When Build 21 of GP Power Tools was released on 01-Jul-2016, the registration system was changed to allow for GP Power Tools to be broken down into modules: Administrator Tools, Developer Tools, Database Tools and System Features. With the release of this build the pricing model also changed. All existing sites were grandfathered in so that they would have access to all modules of GP Power Tools while they were still covered under their current subscription.

The product ID and key used for Build 20 in the registration system, labelled as “GP Power Tools” on the registration window were discontinued. Existing registrations remained valid, but new keys would no longer be provided. If Build 20 was still installed, it would continue to work until the keys expired and then it would stop working after a 30 day grace period.

Once Build 20 has expired, it is not possible to re-register it. At this time, all workstations in the system need to be updated to Build 21 or later. It is recommended to always update to the latest release by downloading the installer file. As long as the subscription is still current, the keys for the separate modules will be retrieved automatically and the new build of GP Power Tools will be registered again.

If you are receiving subscription expiry warnings even though your subscription has been paid, you need to upgrade your GP Power Tools installation.

The subscription expiry warnings will include the number of days for a while, but eventually just say it has expired.

GP Power Tools keys are now handled as four separate products: “GPPT Admin Module”, “GPPT Database Module”, “GPPT Developer Module”, and “GPPT System Module”. When upgrading to the new build, the “GP Power Tools” line be removed from the registration system.

However, we have seen situations, where after installing the new build on a system, there has still been an old build 20 dictionary left installed somewhere. When this happens, you will receive a message saying that an updated build of GP Power Tools has been installed and please upgrade the current workstation, but a side affect is that the “GP Power Tools” line will be added back to the registration system.

If you looked at the Registration window, you will see the outdated line for product “GP Power Tools” with the status saying one of the following:

If Build 20 still installed: Subscription/Temporary key expired on XX/XX/XXXX

If Build 21 or later installed: Error Code (8): Incompatible build

Next time you install a new build, this line will be removed automatically. To remove the line from the registration system manually (once all workstations have been updated from Build 20), please use the following SQL script against your System database (usually DYNAMICS):

delete from MEP40200 where PRODUCTINDEX = 104

Please note that as long as the modules you have a current subscription for show that they are still valid, have not expired and have no errors, then your system will work. Having an expired module for a subscription that has not been renewed, or the incompatible build status for the old product name, does not cause any issues.

NOTE: If you are also using Mekorma’s products, such as MICR, please ensure that you also have the latest builds of their product installed to ensure compatibility and avoid the message “Incompatible with this version of Dynamics GP” showing on the Mekorma Registration window.


To stop the subscription warnings, please ensure the following:

  • The subscription for your GP Power Tools product is current.
  • The installed dictionaries are running on the latest code. Anything from Build 21 onwards fixes the issue, but being on the latest code gives you all the latest features and fixes.
  • If using Mekorma products, make sure the latest versions of their code is installed.
  • Remove the Product Key from any modules that have not been renewed to remove the expired status.
  • Remove the Product Key from any lines still showing “Error Code (8): Incompatible build” and click Update Keys to force them to be refreshed from the registration server.
  • Use the SQL statement above to remove the old “GP Power Tools” line, if required.

More Information

For more information, please check out these previous articles:

Hope this helps


26-Jul-2017: Additional step to fix added for keys not refreshing automatically.

09-Aug-2017: Added information about making sure Mekorma products have the latest builds installed.

This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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