#GPUGSummit Developers at GPUG Summit

David Meego - Click for blog homepageHey Developers… Are you attending the GPUG Summit 2017 conference in Nashville, Tennessee in October? If so, this article is to let you know about Microsoft Dynamics GP related Developer content at the conference.

I asked why there was not much content for developers at GPUG Summit and I was told that there are not many developers in attendance. I disagreed and requested a session for Developers, which Bob McAdam promptly organised … thanks Bob. 🙂

Here are some events that developers at GPUG Summit should not miss:

Dexterity Training

In the week before the Summit, I am running Dexterity training. If you want to work with customizing or integrating with Microsoft Dynamics GP and you have not attended a Dexterity Fundamentals training, this is for you. Whether you plan to work with Dexterity or not as your primary language, understanding Dexterity helps you understand how Microsoft Dynamics GP works behind the scenes. It explains why GP works the way it does. I have seen Visual Studio developers double their efficiency working with Microsoft Dynamics GP after attending this training, because everything that confused them about how GP works, makes sense to them now.

More info: Announcing Dexterity Training at GPUG Summit 2017 in Nashville, TN, USA

Registration: Dexterity Fundamentals 5-Day Bootcamp

Geek Speak: Development Roundtable

This is the session that Bob McAdam added for me. Please join Mariano Gomez MVP and myself as we facilitate an open discussion on everything related to Developing for Microsoft Dynamics GP. This is an opportunity for all developers (both users and partners) or anyone interested in development to come and ask questions in a friendly and helpful environment. There is no set agenda, so we can discuss anything that the development community want to.  Please add this session to your schedule:

When: Friday, Oct 13 8:30-9:30 – Geek Speak: Developer Roundtable

Dinner with Peers (for Users)

Each year there is a Dinner with Peers organised at the conference. This is a user only event where the attendees can socialize and discuss various topics and categories.

This year, thanks to feedback from the community and the idea from Beat Bucher MVP, there is a Development category added. So if you are a user interested in development, please attend the Dinner with Peers and sign up for the Development Category.

Dinner with Peers (for Partners)

Now, new to this year, after lots of feedback from the ISVs and selling partners, there will be a Partner Peer dinner. Thanks to Tonya Anderson for getting this organised as well as the others on the committee.

Here is the article from Tonya and the registration link:

Hope to see you at all these events.


PS: The other User groups also have Partner Peer Dinners organised (thanks to David Gersten for the links):

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