Friday Funny: Don’t Say Velcro

David Meego - Click for blog homepageI am flying to Nashville, TN, USA today for GPUG Summit and the pre conference Dexterity and GP Power Tools training I am presenting. Here is something fun, but with a serious underlying message.

A few days ago, the company that 40 years ago invented the “hook and loop” fastening, Velcro, released a funny video begging people to stop calling the fastening “Velcro” regardless of who actually made it.

They are trying to address the issue where the name of one of the most popular brands for a product becomes synonymous with the product itself. This becomes a problem as it is difficult to maintain a trademark when everyone is misusing the brand name. There is a legal ruling about not being keep a trademark that has become part of the common language.

Enjoy the video below:

Don’t Say Velcro (Direct Link)


They also released a behind the scenes video which discusses the reason behind the video and how they made it.

Behind The Scenes: Don’t Say Velcro (Direct Link)


The use of Brand names instead of generic names can depend on the country you live in and is more common than you think.  Here is a list of some of the one I have come up with (in no particular order):

Brand Name Generic Term Country
Velcro hook and loop
Hoover vacuum cleaner
Google Internet search
Band-Aid sticky plaster
Elastoplast sticky plaster
Glad Wrap cling film Australia
Saran Wrap cling film USA
Kleenex paper tissues
Q-Tips cotton buds USA
Sellotape sticky tape UK, Australia
Scotch sticky tape USA
Durex sticky tape USA
Durex condoms UK, Australia
Sharpie permanent marker USA
Xerox photocopy
Thermos vacuum flask
Teflon anything non-stick
Sprite carbonated lemon drink USA
7-Up carbonated lemon drink USA
Sprite lemonade anywhere outside USA
7-Up lemonade anywhere outside USA
Coke soft drink some parts of USA
Ugg sheep skin boots Australia
Esky cooler Australia
Frisbee flying disc

Please post comments of other examples you can think of.

Here are some related articles:

So next time you are Hoovering and slip on a Frisbee and then fall over an Esky and cut yourself, use a Kleenex to dry your tears and fix yourself up with a Band-Aid.



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One thought on “Friday Funny: Don’t Say Velcro

  1. This is an oldie, but it’s still legit in some circles. My grandmother, and everyone else her age, always called a refrigerator “The Frigidaire,” regardless of the manufacturer. I actually heard it reference on TV the other night, but I don’t remember what show I was watching. Great article!


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