#GPUGSummit 2017 Welcome to GPUG Summit 2017 in Nashville, TN, USA

David Meego - Click for blog homepageHello from Nashville, Tennessee, USA, the “Home of Country Music” and location of this year’s Dynamics Communities User Group Summit which includes GPUG Summit along with the UGs for the other Dynamics products.

I have already been in town for a week as I came in on Friday 29th September in preparation for the Dexterity Bootcamp training which started on Monday 2nd October.

My travel from Perth via Sydney and Dallas to Nashville was one of my best travel experiences to the USA for a while (with one exception, more on that later).

Leaving the house at 3:30am to get to the airport for the 5:15am flight to Sydney is always a bit harsh, especially if you did not get to bed until late. The flight had favourable winds and landed early with a duration of 4 hours. The transition from domestic to international terminals and going through security and immigration was quick and smooth which left enough time to grab something to eat and then only a short wait before boarding the flight to Dallas.

Once I boarded the flight to Dallas I got out my Bose noise cancelling headphones to find that I was missing the airline dual mono to stereo plug adapter. 😦 I am always so careful to put the adapter in my pocket when I swap from watching a movie to listening to my Zune HD. This time I messed up. I was thinking that I would not be able to use the headphones when watching movies on the long flight across the pond, but then I noticed that the headphones provided by Qantas come with an adapter. Problem solved. 🙂

The only problem on the flight was the large gentleman in the seat behind me who liked to shift his position, stretch out his legs and get out of his seat often. For some reason, he could not do this by pushing up on his seat, but had to drag himself up using my seat back…. again and again.  So when I was not fighting his feet sticking through into my foot well, I was being woken up by earthquake level shaking of my seat. Thanks for spoiling an almost perfect trip.

The flight to Dallas made the trip first time (unlike my last trip to Fargo) and also came in a little early, only taking 15 hours. Passport control, baggage claim and customs went smoothly. I was concerned that the time on my itinerary before the final leg to Nashville was going to be too short, but I had time to grab some food and do some window shopping (looking for a headphone adapter) before getting to the gate just in time to board. Much better than the 6 hour wait I had last trip.

The final leg to Nashville was a quick 1.5 hour flight. You could tell that I had arrived in a music town as the tiny bar in the gate area (on the secure side) had live music as I walked towards the baggage claim area. A quick taxi ride from the airport to the Inn at Opryland hotel completed the journey. All in all, the door to door transit time was a mere 26 hours. Much better than the usual 30-34 hours and the 56 hours of the last trip to Fargo.

I spent the weekend being geeky and working on preparation of slide decks for the conference and getting ready for the week of Dexterity training. I was not able to complete as much preparation as I had wanted to before leaving Perth, so this gave me a chance to get the work done.

More to come…


This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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