#GPUGSummit 2017 Conference Day 1

David Meego - Click for blog homepageWelcome to GPUG Summit 2017 Day 1 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Now that all the pre conference GPUG Academy training, and community and partner meetings have been completed, the main part of the conference starts today.

After breakfast in the Meal Hall, all the GPUG attendees headed over the GPUG Opening General Session. As the attendees entered, they were given GPUG Cow Bells with which they could make lots of noise. The cow bell had the Twitter hashtag #IamDynGP and was in the GPUG yellow.

The session started with a welcome from Steve Burney (Chapter Leader for the Nashville GPUG Chapter) and Bob McAdam. Bob had dressed up for the role and was loving the attention from his adoring fans. Love the GPUG belt buckle!

After the welcome, the premier sponsors, Altec, Metaviewer and Rockton Software introduced themselves. When Mark Rockwell (from Rockton Software) came on stage, we thought that we would be “treated” to one of his obligatory musical numbers, instead our ears were saved, with this pre-recorded video about Smartfill. 🙂

Then it was Microsoft’s turn to show off some of the features of the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 (scheduled for released at the start of December 2017). Pam Misialek was the main presenter for this section with assistance from Jodi Christiansen and Theresa Nistler.

Martin Olsen from eOne Solutions kept us entertained with his great sense of humour and a presentation about the history of Microsoft Dynamics GP. I apologize for the angled vision, but I was in front of the stage and neither of the screens on the sides of the stage were at a good angle.

GPUG Summit 2017 in Nashville – Martin Olsen introduces himself (direct link)

GPUG Summit 2017 in Nashville – Martin Olsen preaching the history of GP (direct link)

We also were treated to a number of guest appearance by Microsoft MVPs, GPUG All Stars and GPUG Community members.

Canadian MVPs Rod O’Connor and Jen Kuntz telling the Americans how to spell Cheque

Barbara Gavron getting a selfie as no one at home would believe she was on stage

GPUG All Star Shawn Dorward with his name in lights
(PS: Shawn was awarded Microsoft MVP status shortly after the conference. Congrats)

MVP Steve Endow getting into the country and western spirit while geeking out Pam Misialek

Check out Steve’s buckle

I decided that if Barbara could take a selfie during the session, so could I. So here I am with fellow MVP and good friend Mariano Gomez. 🙂

The session ended with a challenge from Bob McAdam to ignore the office for a few days and get out there and learn with and from your peers.

Now it was time for the first of the breakout sessions and Shawn Dorward and I were presenting a session on Understanding Microsoft Dynamics GP Security. We spent some time to explain:

  • How the pessimistic security task and security role based model works.
  • What the differences are for users ‘sa’ and ‘DYNSA’.
  • How the Alternate Modified Forms and Report ID works to select customisations.
  • How the POWERUSER Security Role bypasses the security system.
  • Mentioned the alternate SUPERUSER Security Task and Role which gives access to everything without bypassing security. (Credit to MVP Mark Polino for the idea.)
  • Explained the DEFAULTUSER Security Task and how it should be added to all roles.
  • Explained the DEFAULTUSER Alternative Modified Forms and Reports ID.
  • Discussed Field Level Security and demonstrated a quick example.
  • Discussed Account Level Security and how it is set up.
  • Finally, we showed how GP Power Tools can be used to solve many pain points with security, including understand relationships, reporting and adding Deny based security.

The room was packed and I promised to make everyone famous by posting them on the blog, so here you are:

I want to add a little side note here, something I learned from Shawn: When demoing a feature, include the steps in the slide deck and hide them. That way you can do the demo “live”, but the attendees can get the steps from the deck later when they get home. Great hint for presenters.

I was only able to attend one more breakout session on the first day and that was Optimizing SQL Scripting with Steve Endow. It was a great session and I learned some things to look out for to make sure you get the best performance out of SQL Server.

The final part of the conference schedule for the day was the Expo Hall Reception, where I spent a lot of time discussing GP Power Tools and how it solves lots of pain points. I will be publishing articles on these pain points and how they are solved in the near future.

The day finished with a GPUG Partner Peer Dinner at the Cascades restaurant in the hotel where a number of the partners got together for a relaxing dinner. If the customers could have a “Dinner with Peers”, so can the partners!

Even though there were some party events to go to, I was exhausted and had a heavy schedule for the next two days. So I decided to get some sleep.

On the way back to my room, I caught up with Belinda Allen and had an interesting chat with her… more on that later…


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