#GPPT How to improve Dynamics GP with a little bit of GP Power Tools – Part 1

David Meego - Click for blog homepageI recently saw a post by my friend, Steve Endow, where he used a small Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) script to improve Microsoft Dynamics GP functionality.

So, I thought it would be worth showing how the same customisation can be achieved using GP Power Tools and its Developer Tools module, and explain the benefits of this approach over its VBA equivalent.

Steve explains in his article that when entering an invoice from a vendor it is worth checking when the last transaction for that vendor was, and if it is greater than say, 60 days, suggest that the remit to address for the vendor is validated against the paperwork.

So, he used a VBA script with some pass through SQL to check the data and if appropriate display a dialog and open the Vendor Inquiry window to the Vendor’s Remit To Address ID.

I suggested that he should look at how you can write the same script using GP Power Tools as it has a number of advantages. He responded that I could write a blog based on his example instead, so I did and this is it.

Before I get started I wanted to list the reasons why using GP Power Tools to make this customisation is better than VBA (or Dexterity or Visual Studio Tools):

  1. VBA will not work on the web client. GP Power Tools will.
  2. No additional licensing for Modifier with VBA or Customisation site enabler needed. Once GP Power Tools – Developer Tools is registered it will work.
  3. No Deployment of VBA package needed, once code is saved it takes effect on next login.
  4. More secure than VBA, it cannot be removed by deleting a VBA file.
  5. More reliable than VBA, it does not have any issues with registry permissions on terminal servers like VBA can do.
  6. Faster than VBA, this is native Dexterity code, not an external interpreted language.
  7. Like VBA, no Dexterity, SQL Management Studio or Visual Studio needs to be installed.

I will also be making a few changes to the code to improve the functionality. Similar changes could be made to the VBA but it will require a bit more work.

  1. Reads remit to address from the Transaction window instead of SQL.
  2. Works when Vendor Inquiry window is already open and displaying data.
  3. Jumps straight to correct Address ID without scrolling through.
  4. Works correctly when there is a single quote character in the Vendor ID.

While I could write the customisation as a single trigger script, I am going to leverage features in GP Power Tools that make embedding and testing of code simpler.

If you want to read Steve’s article and watch his video, the link is below:

For more information see the GP Power Tools Portal:

Stay tuned for the next articles ….


This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

10 thoughts on “#GPPT How to improve Dynamics GP with a little bit of GP Power Tools – Part 1

  1. Your link is not working:
    #GPPT How to improve Dynamics GP with a little bit of GP Power Tools – Part 2
    Bruce Strom


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