#GPPT: Remembering window positions in Microsoft Dynamics GP now comes to the Report Writer Screen Output window

David Meego - Click for blog homepageOne of the regular pieces of feedback I often hear from Microsoft Dynamics GP users is that they really wished that the application would remember where they want their windows positioned.

To solve this issue, in Build 22 of GP Power Tools, I added the Window Position Memory feature (released in February 2017).

GP Power Tools (and the Support Debugging Tool before it) have always remembered the position, size and state of its own windows and stored them as settings in the Dex.ini file. This would remember the window positions for the current workstation and later when user level Dex.ini files were introduced, it would store the setting for each user.

However, this built-in functionality was limited to just the windows for the one dictionary. With Build 22 of GP Power Tools, the Window Position Memory feature was added to the Administrator Tools module. This feature allows any window from any dictionary in the product to remember its position, size and state on a per user basis.

By default, the main transaction and card windows have been added to the list of windows to remember. To add any other window, just locate it using the interface and select the checkbox. Once a window has been added, it will remember the last position, size and state and re-open to those same settings.

If you need to reset the settings for a particular user, the administrator can use the Reset button on this window, or the end user can use the Additional Menu option from the User Preferences window.

If you combine this functionality with the Startup shortcut folder in Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can get the application to open all your “working” windows to their desired positions just by logging in.

Note: There is actually a bug in the default position memory code for the Smartlist window which causes the size of the vertical window to shrink a few pixels each time it is opened (when using the Ribbon interface). GP Power Tools fixes this bug by replacing the default functionality with its own “working” functionality.

Report Writer Screen Output window

The Window Position Memory feature has been available for over a year, but I have also been asked a number of times, “What about the screen output window from the Report Writer? It always opens in the same size and position and I have to move it each time.”.

So in the latest Build 23 hotfix (Last Modified: 17-Mar-2018) or later. The Screen Output window will remember its position and horizontal size. Vertical size automatically goes to the bottom of the screen.

As this window is part of the Dexterity Runtime engine and not from a product dictionary, this feature is not part of the Window Position Memory functionality. If, for any reason, you don’t want a workstation to remember this setting, it can be disabled from the Reports Tab of the Dex.ini settings window.

A final point is that all of the Window Positioning features work best when the Administrator Setting “Prevent application windows from opening outside of the visible desktop area” is enabled. This is handy when swapping to different screen configurations where the stored position might be on a second screen which is no longer attached. Enabling this feature ensures the window is moved back to the visible desktop.

Hope you enjoy using this functionality.


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