New Site for Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Suggestions

David Meego - Click for blog homepageIt took a little while after the old Microsoft Connect site for Microsoft Dynamics GP product suggestions was shut down, but the new site has been up and running for a little while and is getting lots of great suggestions added.

I recommend signing in and reviewing the existing suggestions and even adding some of your own ideas (if they are not there already). The Microsoft Dynamics GP development team use these suggestions when deciding on future enhancements to the product.

The new site is located on the Experience Dynamics website and the direct link to the Microsoft Dynamics GP forum is:

Below are a couple of product suggestions that need your support. We have been trying to get support for background colors in the web client since it was first created and need your support to get it added. We are also trying to get the SDK documentation updated so that changes to procedure and function parameters are documented.

Please note that GP Power Tools’ Resource Information window in Procedures and Functions mode can provide the current parameter lists for most procedures and functions in any product dictionary. As long as they are included in the Visual Studio Dictionary Assembly (created by DAG.EXE), GP Power Tools can display them. Sadly, Visual Studio does not support anonymous and optional parameters, or composite datatypes. So not all Dexterity scripts are exposed to Visual Studio.

Start voting for and/or adding your product suggestions now.


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