#VSIT Visual Studio Integration Toolkit Subscription Expiry Warnings

David Meego - Click for blog homepagePlease download the latest Visual Studio Integration Toolkit build for your version to fix (or avoid) receiving subscription expiry warnings.

With the change in Registration System for Visual Studio Integration Toolkit back in November last year, the plan was to have the subscription automatically extend for another twelve months for a system as long as it was internet connected.

However, an issue was recently found that means that the subscription will not extend until after it has expired and started the 30 day grace period.The design was for the Registration System to request new keys and extend the expiry date before the expiry reminder dialogs are displayed. These expiry dialogs will start showing to administrator users 30 days before the subscription expiry date.

The issue was that the code that extends the subscription expiry date by a year was not taking effect until the expiry date had been reached and the subscription had already expired.

Also, if you try to Update Keys from the Registration window, it would get keys but the subscription date would not be extended.

This issue was fixed in the latest hotfix, dated as Last Modified: 05-Apr-2018.

Now, if new keys are requested and the subscription is due to expire within the next 45 days, the subscription expiry will automatically be extended by a year.

You can install the new build over the top of the existing build. There is no need to uninstall.

Once the update has been installed, when the registration next automatically attempts to renew the expiring subscription, it will work and extend the subscription by a year. If you use the Update Keys button on the Registration window the subscription will also be extended.

Please download from the Visual Studio Integration Toolkit page.

Visual Studio Integration Toolkit Portal: http://WinthropDC.com/VSIT

Note: If the system is not internet connected, you will need to contact Support to organise updated keys.



This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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