Friday Funny: Polygons, Bananas and Clocks Maths Problem

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAfter all the fun on Twitter after the last Friday Funny: Sporting Maths Puzzle, I have found another one to challenge you with.

This one also comes from the Book of Face and showed up because some of my friends had commented on it.

Now, I will not say whether their answers are correct or not because last time I missed something and so what I thought was the answer was incorrect initially.

Here is the Polygons, Bananas and Clocks Maths Problem, can you solve it?

Please answer on the poll and don’t post answers in the comments (at least not straight away).

Note: Don’t forget to look carefully at the “equations” and don’t forget to use Order of Operations.

Below is a poll for you to answer with a selection of answers, but only one correct answer:



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3 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Polygons, Bananas and Clocks Maths Problem

  1. So here is the answer:

    Polygon side = p
    Individual Banana = b
    Clock Hour = c

    15p + 15p + 15p = 45, 45p = 45, p = 1
    4b + 4b + 15p = 23, 8b + 15 = 23, 8b = 8, b = 1
    4b + 3c + 3c = 10, 4 + 6c = 10, 6c = 6, c = 1

    2c + 3b + 3b x 11p = 2 + 3 + 3 x 11 = 2 + 3 + 33 = 38


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