#CaminoDeSantiago Where is David for the next four weeks?

David Meego - Click for blog homepageI did mention in my last few posts that something was coming up and the title has given the surprise away, but here it is…..

Jennifer and I left South Africa after the GPUG Amplify South Africa 2018 conference (click for the wrap-up link) and headed for Spain.

Our flights took us to Barcelona via Dubai and I am now in my hotel in Barcelona as I write this article. We have also been joined by four friends from Perth.

On the morning of Tuesday 29th May 2018, all six of us are catching a train to Pamplona and then a bus to Saint Jean Pied de Port in France to start our journey on the Camino De Santiago.

We will be cycling on mountain bikes the Camino (French Way) to Santiago de Compostela and then on to Finisterre and back to Santiago. We are hiring 4 single bikes and a tandem as one of the ladies with us is completely blind. We have brought our own pedals, saddles, helmets and other cycling gear with us from home.

The total distance will be about 950km which we are riding in 21 days (19 ride days and 2 rest days). The ride is self guided but supported. This basically means that each morning our luggage is moved to the next hotel by car and we have to spend the rest of the day cycling to where our luggage is. 🙂

The rides each day vary in length from 30km to 90km but average about 40-50km. On the map below we will be travelling the yellow route (Camino Frances) and then the orange route (Camino de Finisterre) as a return journey.

I will be back on board by the last week of June, but from now until then I might be a little slower than my usual speedy self when responding to emails. I do have my computer with me and will do my best, but I am on holiday overseas with limited internet capabilities and plan to relax and avoid work as much as possible.

I am planning to write blog articles about my adventures, so stay tuned…


This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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