Important: Winthrop Development Consultants now directly and exclusively distributes all of its products

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAs mentioned at the beginning of May, Winthrop Development Consultants will distribute all of its products directly from 01-Jul-2018. Well, the day has arrived and the distribution arrangement with Mekorma has now ended.

We have been working hard to make the transition as painless as possible for both Partners and Customers and the article below should hopefully answer any questions you might still have.

A quick clarification, this transition was always something that was planned. Partnering with Mekorma in the early days got Winthrop up and running quicker, without the need to create the infrastructure for sales, support and registration systems. They already had systems in place and we agreed to work together. Note that the products have always belonged to Winthrop Development Consultants.


The current product line up remains the same, with the same pricing*. The pricing is for an annual subscription and is system based and so does not include any per user or per company components.

  • GP Power Tools (GPPT) – US$500 for the first module and US$400 for each of the two subsequent modules. However, this will be shown as US$400 per module and US$100 for the system features, for a total of US$500, US$900 or US$1300 accordingly.
  • Batch Posting Service Toolkit (BPST) – US$550
  • Visual Studio Integration Toolkit (VSIT) – Free for existing standard functionality

* The one exception is that for Australian sites the pricing is now in AU$ instead of US$, and the 10% GST now has to be included. This is due to the transactions now being generated in Australia instead of the United States.

NOTE: Only the latest builds of the software will automatically swap over to using Winthrop’s registration servers. To ensure a smooth transition, please ensure all Winthrop products on your systems are updated on all workstations before your current subscriptions expire. You can install over the top of an existing build, there is no need to uninstall.


Being a Winthrop Development Consultants partner is free and is available to any Microsoft Partner (Selling partner, ISV (Independent Software Vendor) or consulting partner). Even if you are already signed up with Mekorma, we do need you to sign up again with Winthrop via the Partner page. This will ensure we have the latest contact details for your organisation and that you have accepted our Privacy Policy and T&Cs.

Once signed up, partners are entitled to the partner margin for any sales to your customers as well as NFR (Not For Resale) registration keys for all Winthrop products for use on your in house and demo systems. You will also have access to the Partner Portal (accessed from the Partner page) which will provide self service options for sales (including renewals) and support.

Make sure you update your systems to the latest build for all Winthrop products for all workstations.

Partner Customers

Other than making sure your systems are updated to the latest build for all Winthrop products for all workstations, just continue to work with your partner as normal. Nothing has changed.

Direct Customers

There are a few customers who have purchased directly without using a partner. For these customers, you will now work directly with Winthrop for all your sales (including renewals) and support needs. Use the Contact Us page for links to the forms you need.

Don’t forget to update your systems to the latest build for all Winthrop products for all workstations.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone in the Microsoft Dynamics GP community that has supported me and my products at Winthrop Development Consultants. I do what I do because I love this community and want to help make your lives easier.

A special thanks goes to the Mekorma team who have assisted Winthrop Development Consultants over the last three and a half years. My business would not be where it is today without the work from the Mekorma team including Ora, Craig, Angel, Jay, Mariano, Lee, Daniel, Les, Steve, Michael, EJ, Kimberly, Krista, Qiana, Peter, and Josh.

Looking forward to the next era and working with everyone directly.


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