#BPST Batch Posting Service Toolkit build 9 released

David Meego - Click for blog homepageWinthrop Development Consultants is pleased to announce Build 9 of release of Batch Posting Service Toolkit (BPST) for Microsoft Dynamics GP was released on 10-Jul-2018.

This build incorporates further improvements to the underlying Registration and Update Check systems required for the transition of the distribution channel to Winthrop Development Consultants.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To ensure continued registration after 01-Jul-2018, please update all workstations to Build 8 or later before the current subscription expires. Install over the top of the existing build, no need to uninstall first. You can also copy the updated files from one install to other installs.

Build 9 of Batch Posting Service Toolkit is available for the following Microsoft Dynamics GP versions:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (v11.0)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and GP 2013 R2 (v12.0)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and GP 2015 R2 (v14.0)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and GP 2016 R2 (v16.0)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 (v18.0)

Updates to Registration and Update Check Systems

After the first week following the changeover of the distribution channel to Winthrop Development Consultants on 01-Jul-2018, some further changes were needed to registration system to handle some situations not previously handled. This build incorporates those changes which are mostly internal.

To ensure that all workstations in a system have been updated to the same build AND hotfix and to make it easier to confirm which build or hotfix is in use, the numbering system for the product dictionary has been updated to use the Minor version number for the build number and the Build number for the hotfix/sub build number. If you look at the properties of the dictionary using Windows Explorer you will see the build number has changed from 18.0.8 to 18.9.1 so that the hotfix/sub build number can be checked without needing to look at the Last Modified date on the About window. This build number matches the installer build number (just without the unused 0.). The installer build number can be easily checked via Control Panel >> Programs Features.

For a detailed change log, look at the PostServ.txt file which is also installed with Batch Posting Service Toolkit into the Microsoft Dynamics GP application folder.

More Information

For information on installing Batch Posting Service Toolkit updates see:

For more information and download links, please see the Batch Posting Service Toolkit Portal page:

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This article was originally posted on http://www.winthropdc.com/blog.

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