Life Cycle for CanTeen – OnRoad Ride 2019

David Meego - Click for blog homepageHello everyone for 2019.

I cannot believe that January is almost over and this is my first post for the year. It shows that I have been really busy working on the upcoming Build 26 of my flagship product, GP Power Tools. More details in another article soon.

Anyhow, this article is not work related. I would like to ask for your support for a great fundraising project that is very close to home.

Some of you might remember that in 2017 our family received an unexpected surprise when our youngest son was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma; very unusual for an otherwise fit and healthy 19 year old boy. Before you get worried, after 4 months of intense chemotherapy, he is now 15 months all clear.

However, what this meant to us is that, like many others, we now sadly now had first hand experience with cancer. CanTeen was there to help us through. While there are many support groups for adults diagnosed with cancer, and childrens charities, CanTeen is one of the few that operates in the “young-adult” sector, supporting 12-25 year olds whose lives are turned upside down by cancer, either their own diagnosis, or that of a parent, sibling or partner.


Jennifer and I volunteer for WATCAC (Western Australia Tandem Cycling Advisory Council), a non-profit organisation that supports cycling for vision impaired and blind riders. Jennifer pilots a tandem road bike for a vision impaired “stoker” and I ride a single bike as a “domestique” to support the tandems.


Last year, WATCAC was invited to join the Life Cycle for CanTeen OnRoad ride and it was such a great success that we are going to join in again this year. The ride is from Bassendean (a suburb of Perth) to Busselton (a town south of Perth), a distance of 300km covered over 3 days. Click here if you want to see the route.

Life Cycle for CanTeen

So here comes the bottom line. Please help me to raise funds for this great cause.  Please donate to the WATCAC team via the link below:

Thanks heaps for your support.


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