Saving the Developing for Dynamics GP blog

David Meego - Click for blog homepageMany of you have probably read an article or two from my previous blog on Microsoft’s MSDN, the Developing for Dynamics GP blog. This blog was created in July 2008 and had published 1,130 articles by the time I left Microsoft in October 2014.

Even though there has been no new content added to the blog since I left, the blog is still one of the most popular Microsoft Dynamics GP related blogs. In fact, the Worldmaps tracking shows that the site is ranked 4th in the leaderboard and gets over 20,000 hits a month.

Microsoft is planning to deprecate MSDN blogs by the end of March and I am working to ensure that this valuable resource is not lost to the community.

At this stage, I am working with a contact within Microsoft and it looks like we will get the text content transferred to a blog on We are also looking to see if there is a way to get the pictures transferred across as well.

However, I have decided to repost some of the most popular and useful articles again on this blog. This will give me a chance to update them where necessary. I will be leaving the publish date as the original date, which should leave the articles searchable on this site, but they won’t show up on the homepage as new posts.  They might get posted on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and look like new posts though.

Please provide feedback in the comments below, especially if there are articles you want to make sure get reposted.  Let me know their links and I will make sure they are saved.


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8 thoughts on “Saving the Developing for Dynamics GP blog

  1. I’m with Geoff. Even though I don’t do Dexterity or even .NET development any longer, I keep finding that David’s articles provide me an extra dimension of understanding about GP.


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